Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Online Calendar

I have the envious task of keeping track of my family's happy birthday
and aniversaries. I also try to keep track of my wife's family's Name Days, and all the other special Polish holidays too. I have a large family. There are lots of calendars out there. I've try using google, which is a cool calendar too. I use Google because I get my emails on their most often from family and friends. I'm hoping that the American Greeting can send out special ecards on the days of my friends and family's birthday or aniversaries. It would be cool if it automatically sends a card to the recipient instead of having to send me a reminder. But that's cool too because I then can pick and choose an ecard to send out.

The website has tons of ecards to choose from as well as Birthday printables and inviations. I think it's a good idea and about time that American Greetings up dated their website to include all of these services. It is the "one stop" shop for birthdays. I've used the free American Greetings before on other websites such as Yahoo. It's easy to select an ecard from several categories: Family, Belated, and Over the Hill. The whole process is user friendly. You can customize and print your cards or invitations in several easy steps. The very cool thing about this online free calendar is that it will sit on your desktop to remind you of the important days coming up!!! Hopefully you'll never have to send out a belated birthday again.

happy birthday

online calendar

Thom Browne

Links to Thom's favorite restaurants, and artists.
Thom Browne official website
The fashion video, 'The Septemberist' filmed by Anthony Goicolea, seems like a movie trailer. the narrator / hypnotize sounds familiar. His a chinese voice and script reminds me of the Woody Allen movie 'Alice'. I saw 'Alice' the other day when I couldn't fall asleep. It was on Demand on Comcast cable television.
John Hartig a friend of Thom. They started out in LA buying vintage clothes and altering them as a hobby.
Anthony Goicolea
Anthony filmed the "Septemberist" Video on Thom's website. If Thom was to become an artist, he would be Anthony. Their asthetics match very well.
Radio Interview
Elvis Mitchell has a Radio Interview with Thom for the Radio Show "The Treatment"
Pastis is a restaurant where Thom as his black coffee and white toasts.
Il Cantinori
Another great restaurant

Thursday, December 07, 2006







I'm a big fan of your blog 'SARTORIALIST' since I found out about it in GQ magazine. I'm glad you are covering Thom Browne. I have made a lens on Squidoo dedicated to Thom Browne. Check it out. I would welcome suggestions and inputs.


Paul Smith Story collonge

Haitian Vetiver
the idea began as a sketch of a book
the bottle is shaped like a book
smells of old paper.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What is time?

Inspired by Magic Paula's question: "What is Time?" from the Letter's Lives Group on Flickr.

A nomadic tribe wondering through a labyrinth carried by the wind
An ancestral grid dividing the chronology
the wind whispering it's strange language for trees to decipher, transmute and deflect.
The days are a canonical mocking of our small existence.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Favorite Book and Movies

Favorite Books
Last great book I read:
'The Sheltering Sky' Nov 25, 2000
'Keep the River to Your Right' June 2001 in Hungary, Budapest.
'Sun Also Rises' Sept. 11 2001
'A Year in Provence' Nov. 2002
'Book of Illusion' Dec. 2002
In chronological order

Favorite on-screen sex scene: in 'the unbearable lightness of being', when juliette binoche first arrives at daniel day-lewis' apartment. damn. PolaX
there's only one scene. According to the actor (Gerald Depardu's son)...it was real...

'The Sheltering Sky'...when

Friday, December 01, 2006

Group Loop

GroupLoop is designed for anyone who needs to organize a committee. Board of directors, private clubs, non profit groups, chambers, and even families can benefit from its collaboration tools. GroupLoop provides a simple place for you to share and archive files, a central area for discussion, and a calendar (with RSVP) to manage your meetings.

When you setup a free account, some general personal information is needed, along with the acceptance of our Terms of Service. If you'd like to have the account upgraded (so you can add multiple committees, send an email via the Contact Us button on the website).

I signed for a free account at signup.grouploop.com, I did it for a small committee using
GroupLoop application for group collaboration. I think it's great idea and website. The gallery 114 can add meeting minutes, budget list to keep track of monthly member dues and other expense of running a gallry. We've been adding track lights so I think there's also a section to keep track of the different projects.


Dune John Harris Paintings.

On 3/13/04, I finally finished reading Dune. I'm sort of interested in keeping track of when I've finished reading a significant book. This book made me think of how I use water. Our house hold uses 180 gallon average per month. In where I live, there are plenty of water. Still, reading this book made me hyper sensitive to water and to see how precious water is. I found the work of John Harris's architecturally influenced painting. These paintings remind me of Dune but I can't find the link to his art work anymore.

Some Related Links:


Monday, November 27, 2006

Kitty Litter Cake

"Kitty Litter Cake"

This is *no joke*




This is for all you cooks out there looking for something a little different.........



On a recent visit to our veterinarian to get shots for our cat I found this recipe on the waiting room bulletin board. After recovering from hysterical laughter, I obtained a copy from the office staff so that my wife could make it, which she refused to do. I took it to work and gave the recipe to a lady at work who loves cats. The pictures below show the results of her work. It doesn't look very nice, but it's actually quite tasty, so I decided to pass it along.


1 box spice or German chocolate cake mix

1 box of white cake mix

1 package white sandwich cookies

1 large package vanilla instant pudding mix

A few drops green food coloring

12 small Tootsie Rolls or equivalent


1 NEW cat-litter box

1 NEW cat-litter box liner

1 NEW pooper scooper

1) Prepare and bake cake mixes, according to directions, in any size pan. Prepare pudding and chill. Crumble cookies in small batches in blender or food processor. Add a few drops of green food coloring to 1 cup of cookie crumbs. Mix with a fork or shake in a jar. Set aside.

2) When cakes are at room temperature, crumble them into a large bowl. Toss with half of the remaining cookie crumbs and enough pudding to make the mixture moist but not soggy. Place liner in litter box and pour in mixture.

3) Unwrap 3 Tootsie Rolls and heat in a microwave until soft and pliable. Shape

the blunt ends into slightly curved points. Repeat with three more rolls. Bury the rolls decoratively in the cake mixture. Sprinkle remaining white cookie crumbs over the mixture, then scatter green crumbs lightly over top.

4) Heat 5 more Tootsie Rolls until almost melted. Scrape them on top of the cake and sprinkle with crumbs from the litter box. Heat the remaining Tootsie Roll until pliable and hang it over the edge of the box. Place box on a sheet of newspaper and serve with scooper. Enjoy!

"Kitty Litter Cake"



Monday, November 20, 2006

Lux Fiat

Lately it has been stormy at our place. We don't have any flash lights so I'm in the market for some lux.
I think they are one of the Best in the FLASHLIGHTS world. FLASHLIGHTS would be an awesome gifts! I want one under the tree.

  • SureFire,
  • StreamLight,
  • Pelican Led flashlights, hands free headlamps, pocket, gun mount lights, flash light accessories.
  • Discount pricing,
  • FREE UPS on order over $29.95

Best Flashlight Brands are SureFire, Streamlight, and Pelican and they are used for Police, Firefighting, military, hunting, and of course, fun and situations where you just need some

Rice Bowl Journals ~ An Asian Online Journal Community

Rice Bowl Journals ~ An Asian Online Journal Community

I don't know how to put a link on to ricebowljournals.com
i just uploaded sunday blog to ricebowl site so have a look.

last night misiu asked me again to tell her stories and always i default to my false memories of vietnam. I told her about the fish and fish fighting, cock fighting etc.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Light Box

Artist, Photographers & Scrapbookers Light Box.

I am planning to get this for my sister who loves to do scrap booking!

Cool Little Light box that photographers and artist just love...and only $32

They have a cool little light box that seems to be really popular. Photographers use it to view slides and negatives and also will buy two and set the light boxes as background lighting when they want to shoot small objects with a lot of detail (watches or rings, for example). Artists use it to trace pictures. Scrapbookers use it for cutting and drawing shapes.

Yeah I use mine to view slides and do some tracings. It's really handy and safe. So check out suppliesnet.com and the lightbox.
There are also some very good items for drafting tables.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Amazon wish list

My Amazon.com Wish List

I emailed this list to my wife. I found out what my sister want for Christmas through her list. It's a handy tool. It makes Christmas shopping so easy. I like to edit my list all the time. Amazon is very smart to link up with Xanga blog, then Vox blogs. They are also connected with Squidoo lens. I'm sure they are in more places. There is also this listmania which I've yet to check out.

I want to leave you with a quote:

Time cools, time clarifies; no mood can be maintained quite unaltered through the course of hours.
-Thomas Mann.

Monday, November 13, 2006


is a very influencial movie. Last night I was watching the SC FI channel. There was a movie call 'Pitch Black'. It starts with Vin Disel. The planet has three suns. Some times the camera is red, other times it's blue. I immediately thought this is a Dune rip off. Vin was locked up in blackness, like a prison. He had to get an operation to see in the dark. Vin plays an escape convict. I didn't finish the movie. So I think it's kinda lame.

Flash Drive

Gift cards are so last year. So what do you give that one person who has everything? How about a thumb drive with their name or business LASER ENGRAVED on the front?

Pexagontech.com is offering incredible deals on custom flash drives with FREE laser engraving. There are no order minimums so you can get just one drive engraved for your nephew to carry around his music files. Or perhaps get a thumb drive for each of your daughters so they can tote around their schoolwork on a keychain. How about that one special teacher who would love a personalized portable device for work and play? Forget the fruitcake, what your uncle really wants this year is his very own, custom miniature hard drive to backup his important data.

Again, there are NO order minimums and absolutely NO setup charge. Custom laser engraving from pexagontech.com is FREE on all Store-It Thumb Drives!

512MB, 1GB, 2GB or 4GB of portable storage in an ultra-small, Hi-Speed USB flash drive in your choice of 5 exciting colors. Durable, aluminum design with free custom laser engraving!

Store-It Thumb Drives allow you to take your important information and personal data with you wherever you go. Store your digital photos, music files, business documents, and more on an ultra-smaill, Hi-Speed USB flash drive. Easily access and transfer files between multiple computers. Includes security software to password protect your sensitive information.

Current online specials: 1GB Thumb Drive (any color) for $20.99 with FREE laser engraving & 2GB Thumb Drive (any color) for $38.99 with FREE laser engraving.

flash drives

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Steak Tarta

The Savvy Traveler
too bad this radio talk show about travel is closed.
I now listen to Rick Steves radio show about travel. Rick talked to a Frenchman about steak Tarta, which is a raw hamburger! I mention this to my wife. She said yes that's what she was trying to describe to me the other day. Tarta is a very special wedding dish. She may ask Waldek's mother to make it for us. On the plate will also be rabbit. It's being aged now in the freezer. It takes two to three weeks to age the rabbit meat.

alain de bottons

Wednesday, November 01, 2006





Newgie.com is a news website that ranks stories based on the interest that other users have shown.

is a newbie. It's still in it's infancy. The potential for this news site is yet untapped. Of course there is Diggs. Some one has to give Diggs a competition. when there's competition, applications tend to improve. So it's good for all of us.
I gravitated to an article right away after I signed up. It was a USA Today column about Mortgage. It was very easy to save it as my favorite so that I can read it later on. I like this feature alot!

My blog post will include:
1 A brief description of the site and what it does.
2 My opinion about the concept of ranking articles based on user activity
3 My comments about the general look and feel and usability of the site. All Constructive comments are welcome, whether I find something that you like about the site, or SPECIFIC ways that the site can be improved.
I welcome all of your comments.

To answer #2, I like the concept of ranking articles. It allows me to vote for my favorites. It's democratic in a way. However, the people who are better at navigating the internet can influence the readership of an article. A certain population can control the news feed. It's like the bloggers who has a better handle on RSS feeds can get more readership. People are lazy, we tend not to search too deep for quality news or writings. A good book gets more readers only after it's been made into a movie.

To answer #1, I like the categories, and communities feature. After skimming through the article about mortgage, I join the community call 'The Housing Bubble'. The community have saved up numerous articles pertinent to the subject. The site also has a front page which allows me to save the news feeds from major news source. It's very similar to the Homepage, or PageFlakes.

There are now different choice for people to look at news and get information. The more they can control their media the better I belive. The more influence and voting choice we have regarding our news the more interest we will take in the subjects and explore other opinions on the same topic.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Deals Plus

"DealsPl.us is an online social shopping community driven by its users and community. It offers a distinctive place where user can share great bargains gathered from throughout the internet. dealspl.us was founded on the principles of Web 2.0 design philosphy"

well sooner or later some one will come up with this website. It has a similar concept to Digg. Digg is where the people vote on the best stories. Here, Deal Plus, the people vote on the best deals! What a great idea! I wish that I had thought of this. I'll join to check it out. I even like the clever name. DealsPl.us. This names reminds me of Del.icio.us because it uses the spelling and combines the .us for the address.

Monday, October 30, 2006



Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Frank Herbert Biography

testing msn live space

this blog is a test of microsoft's live writer.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Susan Korman Foundation


Amie Street

Here's an inovative path to music on Amie Street.
We've been looking for a new mp3 freee down load site. Edonkey free site has been shut down!

An awesome new music website called Amie Street, where all songs start free and rise in price based on their demand among. Amie Street members sign up with no credit card and immediately begin to listen to and download great independence bands.

Amie Street combines the best elements of social networking, online music retail and discovery engines. It’s the destination for independent artists to promote and sell their music, and where fans can explore, recommend and buy that music. Users sign up for free, and immediately begin to discover, sample, buy and download quality independent music. All songs on Amie Street start free and rise in price the more they are purchased. When a member finds a great new song, she can recommend it to her friends and the community and earn credit for more music downloads as the song rises in price.
wWohoo, I got qa holla back from Elliott!
This is Elliott from Amie Street. Would love to talk to you more about Amie Street. Send me a message if you have any other questions.
Thanks Elliott. I checked out Elliott's music and downloaded one song from him. Plus I found MeganPalmer who does acoustic music. Wonderful site... Rock on!
I am really digging her song 'Everyday'.
Look for me: lexly87 on Amie Street.

Writing Strategies

Here are my strategies for keeping a journal. First write in word and save it in my travel drive. I will dedicate one travel drive to the writing project.

Next if it’s worthy, I’ll post it on Wordpress.com because it has the ability to organize post by tags.

I have a Moleskine ruled journal but I only use it if I don’t have a computer near by. I like to use my Sony Vario laptop which has no internet distractions. It is a bare bones word processing typewriter. I have on old edition of Microsoft words. I like to type on the word processor because I find my thought like to jump around and this is the best way for me to edit.

For printing I’ve decided to save everything in the travel drive and then print for the desk top.

One thing about the travel drive, if I need to upgrade to more memory, I hope that if I buy the same brand, I don’t have to install a new driver.

Websites that spurs creative writing:

Luis Urrea and Will Self - fine writer and blogger.

Ramdomaccessmemory. - Writings by random memory

dandelife - Organize your Autobiography in a time line

Crystal Palace

Elegant gifts and collectibles

Christmas time is coming up and we've been looking for unique gifts. In architecture school, I've study the Crystle Palace designed by Paxton.
I'm putting the Eiffle Tower on my wish list. Which is your favorite landmark? These elegant gifts are provocative, at a great price range. This idea would be great for student of architecture. I can admire the Golden Parvillion of Japan, the Taj Mahal. The website is organized into several different typologies and geographic regions. I would like to combine these terms into a geotypologies.

The Crystal Palace miniature landmark souvenir collection has long been the gift of choice for visiting dignitaries and heads of state for years. These miniature landmarks are detailed, nothing else like it.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

d o c t o r f o x g l o v e

d o c t o r f o x g l o v e

LifeKnot - why not?

  • Find Your Perfect Activity Partner
    lifeknot members create activity profiles listing any of over 1,100 member-suggested activities: hiking, skinny dipping, skiing, buddhism, beekeeping...
  • lifeknot lists over 1,100 member-suggested activities across 45 categories.
  • Many activities you won't find anywhere else. Many listed on this PDF.
  • lifeknot helps people find others that share their interests and passions in any activity imaginable.
  • Lifeknot will compare your Activity Profile against those of other members to show you the people with whom you share the most in common.
  • lifeknot is a FREE.
I like their infinity like logo.
I wonder what mountain that is?

my blogger blog as a graph

www.lexly87.blogspot.com GRAPH

Layout HQ

I have a mySpace but the layout is really boring. I'm looking to spice things up a bit. I like free stuff. There are a rash of new layout applications out there. Here's one that I really like. It's call LayoutHQ.com - Myspace Layouts.
The site has 100% custom myspace layouts created by a part-time graphics artists Jason Sanzone, Todd Dickerson and Ashley Allen. They add 20+ layouts week and will take requests on the site for custom layouts. There are several that I like particularly is the Lambourghini. There's even a Christian Theme layout. These artists are having fun and they got some $k111s (skills-for those of you who are not hip to the leed speek.) I want to find a theme of leed speek. /\/\4d $k111$! Boy isn't that annoying? I hope myspace will be more groovy now!
My favorite right now is the Halloween Jack-o-Lantern. You can change it everyweek to keep things fresh. It's all about customizing. That's your brand, your look and feel of the mySpace. I wish to know more about creating layouts but I can ask these artists to custom design me one. I think that I would want a painting that I did as a custom layout!
LayoutHQ.com - Myspace Layouts

qotd-Can't get you out of my head

what song is stuck in your head?

yes it's tracy chapman and it's from her debut album 'tracy chapman' album cover by matt mahurin one of my fave photographer and also album. i've been trying to learn that fast song car for ages now but not that good yet.

I third the Modest Mouse
and second on beck - like sea change a ton.

Oh Hallow Ground is a scary good album!!

Long december

fables of reconstruction


Ten Authors

If you are bored, take this list, remove the authors whom you have not read, and replace them with authors that you have read to make ten authors.

Vladimir Nabokov
Henry Miller
Virginia Woolf
Mervyn Peake
Evelyn Waugh
Marcel Proust
Dorothy Parker
Jane Austen
Anais Nin

wow this ad sense from google is spooky. I took this list from a blogger at SCAD and there it is the ad appears!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Set your DVR

most of the CSI spin offs because we are hooked on it!!

Here's what I'll be watching with the wife:

Mon: 10pm CSI Miami CBS

Tue: 8pm House FOX (DVR 8pm NCIS CBS)
8pm Standoff FOX- excellent show
Wed: 8pm Bones FOX

Thu: 9pm CSI CBS

Fri: 8pm Ghostwhper CBS
Sun: 9pm Cold Case CBS
10pm w/o A Trace CBS

Update: Shark is a new favorite! The blonde actress is hot and smart!

My DVR is set to record Medium on Lifetime because it's too late on Sunday to watch it.

for a full list of tv: sytycd.wordpress.com/2006/09/10/tvs-season-...

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Friday, October 13, 2006


good movie.
I didn't know that the lady who wrote 'To Kill A Mocking Bird' is Nelles Lee Harper. She was a chain smoker in the movie. I had the book by Gerald Clark but never read it. I'm curious about 'In Cold Blood' and Mocking bird.

Last Friday, we saw 'Black Dahlia' I came from the movie confused. Maybe I'll read the book.


I got this book from a Goodwill store during Labor day weekend. I like Bantock's combination of word and pictures. some related links: http://www.raincoast.com/feature-barbara-hodgson.html

Thursday, October 12, 2006

money and art


3 rings to rule them all

Prosaic Three Ring Binder

Levenger's Three Ring Binder

Buxton's Three Ring Binder at Staples

dailyplanner.com - 3 ring binder with linen cover

Straight out of comptonline.com - presentation binders

ossi - Italian soft bound for junior 3 ring binders.

unifiedbinders - French Stiched Leather Binders (adsense)

Some related links:



Wednesday, October 11, 2006

circa rolla

Circa Rolla

iem - August 20, 2006
I have had this type of notebook since freshman college 1985, and had been frustrated with finding it again until about 5 years ago with Rollabind.com who was bought out by Carl Products. Rollabind makes these high-end notebooks for Levenger. If you are interested in trying out these notebooks in a less expensive they are now being carried at Target with the poly covers for $9.99 for a letter size AND junior size sold together. Staples also carries a cloth covered version in both sizes, sold separately, $9.99 and $5.99, respectively. Staples does not have these out on display, I just happened to look up at their overstock shelves above the notebooks and saw the rollabinder rings sticking out, so you may have to ask if they have them in stock. They are labeled Rolla Notebooks. They are still online at Rollabind.com but have mostly been targeted towards crafters/scrapbookers. If you do end up liking these, the punchers are well worth the price, and they are less expensive online at Rollabind.com.

I have gone to staples and they now have them out on the shelves near by the Blank and Red notebooks. I asked the people in the store and they are clueless. I got the faux brown leather version of Rolla Notebooks.




I like shopping for ties on internet. I bought one which said it on it’s label “Made expressly for the Society of Colonial Wars”. The tie has a red background with white strip. It looks like a typical club tie. I’ve never really tied a bow tie and have always wanted to try it. I know a collage buddy who will throw out his ties after two or three wears. Women have a thing for dimples, both on men and on the knots of ties. I don’t have a dimple on my face but I can wear a dimple on my ties. My brother-in-law likes the skinny version. Sort of like the early eighties worn by Rick O’ Casek of the Cars.

ric o casek

I remember the springy pastel plaid ties popular during high school and the reign of ‘Miami Vice‘ of Don Johnson ties.

Monday, October 09, 2006

October is breast cancer awareness month

October starts off with the Breat Cancer Awareness Month.

  • I never thought some one I know would get breast cancer. But my sister was struck with this illness. She's fighting it and doing fine. Thank God. I pray for her and one of the thing I'm greatful for is that she is doing fine.My other sister is walking in Susan Korman Foundation Charity. Check out the link race.komenoregon.org
  • The Cable television Channel 69 Life Time is showing a movie 'Why I Wear My Lipstick to My Mastectomy'. It's about a woman's journey into BreastCancer treatment.
  • My neighborhood Safeway is taking donations of a $1 for three cookies. Chocolate Chips.
  • 'Intimations of Morality' by Violet Weingarten is a excellent book
  • 'The Road Back To Health' by Neil A. Fiore

Some Related Links:


Inventionland Video uTube

Inventionland Video - Very cool video of someone drawing. I like uTube. It sounds very similar to one of my favorite bands U2. uTube is a great place to find videos, I spent a few hours perusing Rush videos.

Google Video Sharing - Google is taking over the world! This site allows bloggers to embed videos into their website.

What's in your Fridge? Pocket Sandwich?

I remember listening to a radio show on NPR “Splended Table”. Hm you might wonder why I was listening to such a show, well I was fascinated with MFK Fisher’s writing only through other author’s mentionings such as Raymond Carver. Anyway that’s beside the point. The show has a segment where the caller calls in to challange the host with a problem. The caller looks into his/her fridge and reports what’s in there…usually not much…mustard, old left over hot dogs for example. Well then the host would have to suggest a recipes for the ingredients. RecipeMatcher is a similar idea. You tell it what you have to cook with and it comes up with a wonderful and tasty recipes. Hm…I wonder if the creator of RecipeMatcher was inspired by the “Splended table”

RecipeMatcher.com allows its members to find recipes based on what they have at home. Searches return with recipes ranked by the percentage of ingredients you already have.

So you don’t have to go to the grocery stores which is one of the lesser joys of cooking. The other cool thing about the site is that it’s a Web 2.0 application.

Links: RecipeMatcher


Tropical Vacations allows people to talk about their experiences of cruising to the Carribean islands. This is a cool site for the forum it has. People get together on-line to discuss their misquito bites, the favorite dive sites. I still remember fondly my trip to St. Lucia. I met a couple from Stoney Brook and another awesome couple from Santa Barbara. A family was sailing to another island.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday, October 06, 2006


a useful free link from adsense

Thursday, October 05, 2006


After watching a dvd movie call "Bliss", my wife and I are interested in Tantric lovemaking. I've found a great website. It's call Tantra.
  • Tantra love making concentrates on the union of the male and female.
  • There arefree content, ebooks, or picture gallery and more.
  • You can find techiques for Tantric massage to please your woman.
  • You can find great books. I know that I was curious about Tantra after 'Bliss' and the first thing I did was to research my library and book store on the internet.
  • Tantra is your best source. They are discret.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Epson Printers for Photography

Epson inkjet printers
I have two epson printers for my at home use. One is at the studio and the other one is at the computer room. I have gotten great results from printing 8 x 11 of a tulip I photograph from the backyard. Mon requested a copy printed out for her. It was very easy to do and I was amazed at the quality. It looks just like a photographic paper!! It's great to print web pages in color when I need to print from my blog. I like the background color of my blog very much. So I prefer to print from the blog. It looks like an old parchment. The letters are crisp.

Monday, October 02, 2006

wowc woot


Do you like drunken noodles?

It’s my favorite right now…I could eat so much of it. Oh there was so much carnage in unreal tournament. Jeff had four or five powerful computers hooked up. Mark brought over is hard drive, monitor and the works. I was on Jeff’s Sony laptop which kicks.

I like mining for crystals and refining the land for resources to build my empire on Star Craft. But watch out for the larva Zergs. Kill or bee killed. We stay until five in the morning.

Ahh that was back in the good old days. I didn't have the opportunity play WarCraft with the guys. I got the WC after the gaming group disbanded. I play it for a while and it's very addictive. Now warcraftunderground.com has an amazing newsletters with tips and tricks. My favorite is that you can have a MySpace layout! Woot! I can get improvements on my game! Pull all nighters playing in the game group.

talking plants




The Rachel Paper Chase Feitish

A few of my favorite journals from a collection. The Aspen Paper Chase

islands in the sun


Saturday, September 30, 2006

Our IT Lady uses Snagit

The IT Lady at my work uses Snagit to capture screen shots of her computer when she wants to do a Calyx Points Presentation. Calyx Points is a program that we use in the mortgage business to keep the borrower's files. She does some trainings in Points so Snagit is very handy for her to capture screen shots of Point for Presentations. We can see exactly what she's trying to show is on the projector. She has a laptop for the presentation. I didn't know this until I saw her short cut to "Snag it" on her desktop. Then I did a Google search to find out what it is. I've download it and play around with it.

Snagit 8 Screen Capture Software

I really like the product packaging.

Here's the lovely screen shot.
Of course you can also use Snagit for fun. There are several flickr clubs about screen shots.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Polish Festival

Polish Festival Portland, Oregon is coming up this Saturday. I plan to go with my wife and a few friends.

Monday, September 18, 2006

cornell note taking system

this is a fantastic tip.
I've printed out the pdf page and added my name and company to the sheet which can be use in meeting notes or diary. How do I remove the dates?



Found this tip via http://patrickrhone.com

Friday, September 01, 2006

Cassandra's Complex

Cassandra's Complex

sillent hill

god we have been trying to get a copy of silent hill at the local blockbust for like a week now and nothing... the wall full of empty picture tempation!! BB has a monopoly on the recent dvd because they have put out the smaller video stores. i think a pirate version is an alternative at the

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Blue Whale


Sometimes there would be left over gizzards. When I worked at a convenient store I remember: I remember moping up and getting free soda pop drinks and a movie to watch after work. I usually get off of work at 1 or 12am. Sometimes I would drive the blue whale station wagon to an empty field and look at the star, drink soda pop and drag on a cigarette. I was in high school at the time. It was hard to sell tampons to girls that I know. I can’t believe that they were not embarrass to make that purchase while I was the checking them out. The hardest part was rejecting beers to my under age classmates.

August 30, 2006 Wednesday updated memories:

I remember the blue whale. It is a beast on four wheels. It was my car when I took the drivers exam. On the way home from the DMV, the rusty muffler fell off. I did pass my exam. My father drove the blue whale all over the place. He taught me how to drive in that car. I nearly crashed one time on high way 205 south of Canby. I was looking to my left as I was going forward and not slowing down. Father yelled at me. I had not seen him in fear for a long time. He used to drive that car everywhere. I help him load up the concession stand material for our food booth. We had to set it up at the General Canby Fair Day. He hid a soft pack of Marlborough underneath the driver’s seat. His key chain fob is of the Marlborough Bull. It weight heavy and golden, inlaid with incidental scratch marks gathered from being drop onto concrete or pavements.

We had a fun relationship with transportations. I use to ride behind him on a bicycle. I held on to a bag of soap and we deliver black market goods on bike. Father always wanted to make a business or own a store. In Vietnam, he started his own bicycle repair shop which later evolved into something much bigger. There is a snap shot of his bicycle repair shop. They didn’t have a camera around so each year; Father would hire a photographer to take a portrait. He is a handsome young man, before the eight of us were born. His sister is there. The rims of the wheel hang glimmering in the sun. The circles hang on metal folding door frames.

I know that he wanted a store similar to T-n-T. He always thought that I was lucky to get that job. I think so myself. He wakes me up when I have to open up the store before the morning commute. I sometimes ride the bicycle to work. Sometimes I think he longs for the lost store. But he was always starting a new enterprise and didn’t wallow in the lost of the previous adventure. The communist grazed down my Father’s store. It occurred soon after Saigon became Ho Chi Minh City. The city official wanted to make a park perhaps even a memorial park for the Party. We used to live above the store. I would walk to the artist studio next door to see him draw portraits, black and white death portraits of people. He works from a small wallet size picture that was provided by the commissioning patron. He then scores the photo into a grid. Their charcoal surface haunted my dreams. Next door was a watch repair vendor. He works from a small cart. A glass case surrounded him. I can see a loop propped into his eye socket as he scrutinized the detail gears of a gold watch. Glass bowls cover the spindles like a giant stadium dome. Small gears soaked in Petri dish. All those things are gone now, grazed leveled to the street.

I remember my sister C fell from the hammock and broke her arm. I went to the Herbalist with her. Father had taken her into have her arm repair. The Herbalist painted her arm a stain of yellow which reeked of putrid acrid fume. He adjusted and pull on the joints and then wrapped C’s arm in a cast.

Friday, August 25, 2006

FW: [Sunday] Newport

Jul 24, 2006 at 10:55 AM Mapimage What was the highlight of this past
>July 24,
>St. Helen
>Newport Beach
>July 29, 2006 Saturaday
>*Starry Night
>*Sunset hot tub
>*Japanese Garden
>*Rose Garden
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ice cream social

Nina says:
tell me what?
Duc Ly says:
ice cream
Duc Ly says:
you want it or i shall eat it
Duc Ly says:
it's starbucks coffee
Nina says:
eat it
Duc Ly says:
we had an ice cream social today which means an ice cream truck came buy to give free ice cream in the parking lot.

Duc Ly says:
okay i'll eat it
Nina says:
Duc Ly says:

I got the Starbucks coffee ice cream. Then an hour or so later, I went back for the Hagen Daz dark chocolate.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Keith just came back from a hunting trip. He told me about his kill. He had the meat processor make pepperoni and then the head will be feed to beetles. The process takes three months. The beetles will eat clean the skull of the antelope. This is called a European Mount.

Monday, August 14, 2006


I'm getting into a reading mode again. I've picked up Void of Course by Jim Carroll from my bookshelf. A clock work orange:

I've seen the movie and I like it too but...was shocked by the violence and graphic nature of the flick. So far I have not gotten very far in the book. The slang and new language in the book is more then in the movie. What's interesting is that the book comments on the violence of the media, of movies. Kubrick then used this format of cinema to explore the cause and effects. Book is a different medium. It seems to say that movie is more pervasive and also a passive way to digest the violence as the main character Alex is subjected to the war and sexual footages of rape and the Nazi tortures. I would like to read it and find out more about this book. Then I would like to see the film for comparison.

My Ning Book Shelf Allows you to make it as books that you want to read
My Librarything Allows you to change and pick the book cover
My Vox Book Shelf I added Vox by Nicholson Baker.

Lately I’ve been craving the books that have been thrown away. I moved from one place to another and my Mother threw away the majority of my paper back classic collection. I’ve been craving a book by Evan S. Connell call Notes found at the beach on Carmel. I found a website which trades books call Bookmoch.com. Check it out. I might be luck to receive the book.
bookmooch - This is were you can send your old books and request other old books.

Ledding Library - Real World Library

I have signed up for Library thing and also a book shelf on Ning.

Ning's book shelf is simple and it keeps tracks of the books that I want to read.

Librarything frustrates me sometimes. I think I like the Ning book shelf better then Library Thing. The Ning Bookshelf has a feature which allows me to mark the book as a 'Want to read' book

I have not figure out the majority of Ning playground.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

(back of the) bedroom door

(back of the) bedroom door
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Urville City

Imaginary City Drawn by French Artist.

dragon naturally speaking.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Originally uploaded by Brightsoul Photography.
I had a dream about a Dryad

The vision

The vision
Originally uploaded by Brightsoul Photography.
Self taught/Outsider artist.

My Grandfather was a pro golfer and he was murdered...they never found his body. I resemble him greatly but never met him.

This created a massive rift within my family.

My best friend was an unbelievable painter, that could have surpassed Dali. She commited suicide at 18 by jumping off the high level bridge in the winter.

I saw her blood outline on the ice. This destroyed me.

These events from childhood and embracing great loss, the grief was too large to handle.

spiralling emotionally within I then became homeless.

Started drawing when I was homeless on the streets for 6 months in the mid 1990's. for a stint of time drew the derelict and disposed characters that I would meet along the way. Felt intense despair, sat in the railyard drunk and made writing books and sold them to make drawings and to drink my sorrows away....still could not escape the pain.

Sang poetry and sold little these little hand made writing books on the street for my first camera...an Olympus OM10.

Slept in alleyways and on old building rooftops.

Began having local shows in small cafes to sustain a home.

Painted in my basement and a garage and continued having local exhibits.

Broke up old fruit crates I found in my basement and made frames, recycled broken glass and used recycled paint to accomplish these shows.

Moved onto Piano and guitar and music shortly afterwards.

Planted trees up in the Northwest Territories and northern Canada for two years to make enough money to travel abroad for a year.

Began pastels and more ink work, poetry.

Taught myself traditional B&W and color photographic techniques and darkroom. Using Old rangefinders, polaroids, my hasselblad from 1975 and several mechanical Olympus cameras. I also use old movie lights from the 40's + various props from charity shops.

I Call my photography style illuminism....my painting style shifting...my drawing style manyeyes city.

my photo style is based on 5 theories of light....just a re-defined second and imagination...finding beauty when it graces...if it be drawing, painting, photography or song.

The heart is boundless.

....more details.

Francis A Willey was born in Alberta in July of 1969, the day that man first walked on the moon. A modern day renaissance man, Francis expresses his creative force through drawings, paintings, photography, ballads and poems. He is a self-taught artist who draws his inspiration from nature, the plight of people less fortunate and from a strong spiritual connection to the world around him. Francis’ extended travels through India and South-East Asia have added significant depth to his work as he lived in different monasteries and with local families throughout his journey. His first hand experience with the day-to-day lives of people with different values and beliefs sharpened his creative forces and his concern for the highly material values of North America.

In recent years, Francis’ energies are split between the two great loves of his life, his family and his art. Francis’ earlier works focused more on the darker sides of our culture but as he walks daily with his twin daughters, Francis looks for hope, opportunity and forgiveness in our world. A journey Francis made himself and from which he can empathize with the course of tears that each man lives through to find true love and happiness in his life.

Francis’ works are owned by private collectors throughout North American and Europe. Francis regularly performs his poems and ballads at various poetry readings in Canada.

Currently recording his first solo piano CD.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Poker Tim

Hardley Surton's Web Log of Erroneous History

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd update you briefly on how the world series of poker tournament went. It was being held in the Rio on Friday, so I got there on Thursday afternoon to pick up my chips and register. I won the seat through Full Tilt poker, so I went to their hospitality suite in the Rio hotel, which is just off the strip and where all the WSOP events are held.

Each of the online sites has their own hospitality suite at the Rio, where they have free food and tshirts, caps, etc., plus TVs and lounges where you can hang out at. It's all to promote their site. Outside of each of these hospitality suites, they have hired what looks to be legal hookers to smile at you and hand you a brochure as you enter. I don't know where they get these girls, whether it is Las Vegas high or UNLV, but they must truck them in special because they are all knockouts, but they also dress them up from some kind of Hookers-R-Us store, it is so over the top it is hard to keep a straight face. Some of them stand there and try to sell you clothes like underwear that says, "I lost it on the River," on it, for one example. I didn't know poker had turned into an NC-17 sport, but I guess it did sometime in the last year.

So anyway I went into the suite, and it was crammed with people. Clonie Gowen was there, if you have heard of her, she is a famous pro who is sponsored by Full Tilt. She and everyone else was scarfing down all this free food.

I said I needed to pick up chips for the tournament, and they said, "Oh, you need to talk to Richard." So they yelled for Richard, and this Satanist looking guy came walking up, looking like he was late for an orgy or something. He said, "follow me into this back room." I wasn't thrilled about that, but I wanted my chips so I followed Richard the satanist into the back room. He pops open this briefcase, and luckily had chips in there and not handcuffs and whips. He crosses my name off a list and then gives me 2000 in Rio chips, and tells me to stand in the registration line for the event.

While I am in the line I start to think that all I have to do is just step out of the line and go to the nearest cage, and I can have 2000 in cash. But of course like an idiot I keep standing there and register for the stupid thing.

They had the shorthanded 5k event going on at the time, and I recognized Chris Ferguson and Men Nguyen and a bunch of other famous pros. They all looked kind of like zombies, they'd probably been playing nonstop for the past 3 weeks.

Outside there was another kiosk advertising something or otther, and 4 girls in their hooker gear standing there. Except this time they even had a pole there, and one of them was dancing around it. At 2 in the afternoon. Good grief. Then I looked to my left, and Scott Nguyen is standing there smoking a cigarette and watching, like a total perv. It was, "a typical disgusting display," as a famous sports announcer once yelled. ;-)

I did go to the Bellagio poker room and play, that is a nice place. Very crowded but cool. Phil Laak, the unambomber guy, was playing there and running his mouth. They had a tournament going and that comedian/actor Norm McDonald was playing in it, apparently. Phil Ivey was playing in the back room, probably destroying people, but he looked pretty bored.

Anyway, the tournament kind of blew. They give you 2000 in starting chips, the same as the entry fee. You have a seat assignment, mine was table 119 seat 3, or something like that. They had 2,020 entrants, and first place was something like 860k. It was being televised by ESPN but I never saw any cameras. Only the top 198 actually cashed, so 1800 went home with nothing. It was to take 3 days, with the final table on Sunday.

So anyway I sat down, and there were 10 of us at the table, and the blinds for the first hour started out at 25-25. They had this big clock on the wall like a football scoreborad, counting down from 59:59. When it hit zero then they upped the blinds to 25-50. After the second hour was over there was a 20 minute break, then the blinds went up to 50-100. That is where you really feel pressure, if you haven't increased your chips you only have about 1500 or so left because of the blinds, and now you have to pay 150 just in blinds, every 10 hands. So the 3rd hour is when a lot of people really start getting into all in or fold situations. Whenever you have less than 10x the big blind, you are in trouble.

I was really kind of disappointed, because everyone played pretty much like on the internet-- like idiots. Which is no surprise I guess because most of us qualified on the net. But you could not bluff at all, because they just called everything and were really wild players. So you had to just sit there and hope to catch some cards. It was way more luck than I thought it would be, and that sucked. On the very first hand, a dealer shouted, "seat open, table 231!" so some jackass went bust on the very first hand. Actually 5 people at my table busted out in the very first hour, they were playing so wildly, and they kept bringing over people to replace them.

For the most part I got really bad cards, so outside of the blinds, I only voluntarily played 4 hands before I was knocked out at about 3 o'clock (it started at noon).

On only the third hand of tournament, I was in the small blind (blinds are 25-25). The under the gun (first to act) guy raises it to 75, and everyone folds around to the button, who calls the 75. I looked down at my cards, and I have red queens (QQ). I raised it to 300, because I wanted to end it right there, as I was out of position and did not want to have an ace or king come on the flop. The initial raiser thought for a long time, and then calls the 300. The guy on the button folded. Of course the flop came A-something-something, so the damn ace hit. I had to bet something to represent the ace (act like I had AK), because if I just checked, he would have known I didn't have it, and just bet and take the pot. So I bet half the pot, which was 300. He just called, so I figure he might very well have an ace. I don't want to go out of the tournament on the 3rd hand, so I just checked the turn, he bet big, and I folded. So that sucked, five minutes into the thing I am down to only 1300 chips (from the 2000 starting amount).

From there I got no hands except a J9 on the button which I limped with for 75, missed the flop, and then folded. The second hour they raised the blinds to 25-50, and I got dealt KK. Great! I raised it to 200, and everyone just folded. So I only won 75, big deal.

They broke our table and assigned me to one clear across the convention center after that, then sent us off on 20 minute break.

When they got back they raised the blinds to 50-100, as it was the third hour. Now I am in deep trouble, thanks to the QQ hand and the blinds, I only have 950 left in chips. If you are under 10x the big blind you are in all in or fold mold, and the blinds were now 50-100, so I was there.

At 3 o'clock this guy raised it to 300, and I looked down and had AK of hearts. So I reraised all in for 950. He thought a long time (again), and then called. He had 33. The board cards came all low, I missed, and it was sayonara.

So it kind of sucked.

Anyway it was fun, but I was disappointed at how much pure luck there was. I think if I ever qualify again, I will just fly out there, pick up the chips, cash them in at a cage, and fly home.

Hope you all are doing well, and that I didn't bore you with the Scotty Nguyen hooker story, etc.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

jet boat

If you want to cool off this summer check out willamettejet and Multnomah Falls. I highly recommend it. We went there for our Aniversary. We saw two eagles resting near their nest. I was surprised because the boat was very loud. Later, I saw an Osprey around the bend of the river. The Captain of the boat was very entertaining. He told us about the flood of 1996. Most of the house boats were destroyed. I remember being in downtown on first and second and the ground floor was flooded. The cranes float over the Meriwether Condo Project being built. Some of the units are appraised at $560,000. It is of course in the flood zone. People have bought most of the units even before it was finished.

The Captain told us about the Weaverly golf club. A pioneer brought apple seeds to start an Apple Orchard. People laughed at him because Oregon had so many trees already. He planted them anyway. Just in time for the Gold Rush. Food was in high demand by the people coming here to look for gold. He sold an apple for a dollar and made a fortune. He had two sons. Both thought that farming was not of very high socail status. When he died the sons cut down the trees to make a polo field. They went bankrupt two years later.

Sunday we went to Mutnomah Falls. It was very crowded. I took them to Multnomah Falls Sunday and it was so packed. I couldn’t find parking at first but then after one circle around the lot we found one

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I'm a total web newbie, I don't know jack about Ajax.

5 ways to make me laugh at your web
2.0 Company.

RSS- Real Simple Syndication

CSS- Cascading Style Sheets

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Zoho Write and Planner GTD

July 10, 2006 Tuesday

I am trying out the new Zoho word processing and web publishing software application:

Hello lexly87,

Welcome to ZohoWriter, your friendly on line word processor!

  • Create, format, & edit documents online with a powerful WYSIWIG editor
  • Access & share your documents from anywhere using just your browser
  • Lock your documents while in shared mode
  • Post to your blogs (Blogger/Typepad/LiveJournal/WordPress) from within Zoho Writer
  • Export your docs in word, pdf, sxw, odt, txt, rtf & html formats
  • Periodic auto-saving of your documents to prevent data loss
  • Spell check, tag your documents for ease of use

And do much more...

I think it's better because it can publish to several blogs of my choosing. In fact, I published this entry through Zoho.

The other exciting Zoho application is the Zoho Planner. Zoho Planner is very similar to Backpack. The major difference is that I can add on unlimited pages without having to pay for it. Here's a sample page of how I use it in the GTD mode.

I have it/redux to thank for showing me Zoho. He explains very well the office 2.0. I didn't even know that delicious is a web 2.0 applications. I'm very ignorant but curious about the web.

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