Friday, June 26, 2009

Yashica G Electro 35

Yashica G Electro 35, originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

I got this from Goodwill

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Camera quest: trying to get a fast xD type H card is not easy. I called around the usual suspects but non had it. A search on google shows Overstock had it for $25. The only other place is on EBay for $57. I almost ordered it but I did not. I'm glad I searched Google for the best price.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Minolta XD

Minolta XD, originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

I bought this camera at a goodwill auction for a very good low price. This is an alternative to the more expensive f1.4 lens. This is my fastest lens in my collection. The meter works great.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lives of the Artists

Lives of the Artists

This book confirmed that Richard Serra is a total Dick head. And I mean that as a compliment to the author for making it obvious in each paragraph. If you are a great artist you too can get away with this The title borrows from the classic Giorgio Vasari's 'Lives of the Artist'. Tomkins work allows him intimate access to the house and studios of these fine artists. The writing seems less serious then Vasari's. I attempt to read it long ago but it proved to be a snooze-fest. Perhaps I'll try to read it again.
Dare I say that Tomkins work is more 'Chatty' meaning less formal compare to Vasari but that's the times that these artists live in. What was not consider as art during Vasari's time is now art. For example, Serra's empty steel cages with objects in them. New materials have arrived since then such as tires, rubbers, and Core Ten steel. While Johns goes back to the ancient's method of Encaustic, his subject matter is contemporary: maps, arabic numbers, and targets. So to say that the writing is 'Chatty' is not a total loss. It probably adds to the tone. What is art criticism or art reportage now a days when the colloquialism of the blogs attempts to respond to works of art and to get a closer glimpse into the mysterious workings of the artist.

Reading about James Turrel's work in Ganzfeld. It made me realize that artist like Turrel is trying to make us realize that we put together the world through our perceptions. It is our blue sky. The perception of space is oriented within relations to other visual clues.

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