Thursday, November 04, 2004

Well we know that Oregon, New York and other intelligent states choose Kerry. It's the older population who fears terroism and believe in the old values, the so call Evangelicals. Running on a campaign that promise security against Terroist and creating fear in the people works. Some one I heard on the radio compared this to George Orwell's 1984. He quoted a passage which I can't remember but it was something about going to war with Eurasia and fighting them just to keep a society going, functioning and the reason for the war was long forgotten.

my friend wrote this:

PS. Why is it that intelligent people are in the minority in this
How is it that our President can sit back holier-than-thou on his
laurels, yet boast an execution record as Governor of TX that is
higher than
any other Governor in US history? And how can he claim to support
government and more power to the people, yet at the same time bolster
Administration's efforts to ban marriage between two people who love
other just because it doesn't gel with his religious ideals? Zealot
bastard. Are we all blind, people?!? Ok, I'm done... Who wants to
go get a
drink tonight?

Is there a different degree of being a pro life? Can you be for life but punish those criminals by taking away their lives? I belive yes. you can be pro life because it's a new life with a potential for good. Where as a criminals life has proven to be evil. However, do we still have the right to take away that crimnal's life? These questions can lead to dangerous meditations. What if there is a method to find out that a new life had criminal tendencies in their genes? Does the people in power have the right to execute a potential life because the society believes that the life has potential for crimes. this raises the question that is life of a criminal nurtured or nature. The environment certainly has a factor.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Welcome to!

Welcome to!

ELECTION DAY... This is my first time voting. I got an email from Pam about her new gallery in Vermont that she might want me to show.

Hi Pam, I'm doing well. It's good to hear from you. The gallery is impressive. I love the space and the light! I would like to show my work either ongoing or an exhibition.

Hi Duc - I hope this finds you well. I'm opening a new gallery later this month. Please visit my website - and let me know if you're interested in showing your work, either ongoing or an exhibition. Even if you're not, let me know how you are, what's new, new shows, etc.

Best regards,

Hi good I guess.
I've been busy too trying get my girlfriend to come here. Are you still putting on the photography show. I have not done anything with art for a while now. Just need to get motivated again. Do you like marry life. I'm headed that way.

Hi Duc,

Yes, I recently met Donna this past spring; she seems pretty cool. How are
you doing? Things have been really busy here. I'm working hard as usual :)


>Hi Marie,
>I meet one of the artist that is teaching part time at PCC. Her name is
>Donna. She mentioned that she Knew you. Small world!! :):)

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