Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I'm glad you decided to join 114 - everyone loved your work
immediately. There's no paperwork - you just need to sign up to sit
as soon as possible and have someone explain how to do stuff like
keys, garbage, lights, locks, etc. and come to the next meeting which
should be sunday, nov.30 at 5:00.

I only know one artist in Lancaster. She does traditional stuff like flowers.

See you soon.
p.s. I'm 40 not 50. I just had my birthday so I'm very sensitive
about these things.
This is my Christmas list:

Mario Kart Double Dash!!
I want this game so bad!

Finding Nemo (On DVD)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Widescreen edition DVD)

one box of some holiday Oreos (And an Apple or carrot)

Holes (on DVD)

Optional: Super Smash Brothers Player's guide.
Yo kids!
So we need to have the postcard ready to go by noon tomorrow.
Wednesday. 12/10/03
They will be done the following Wednesday. 12/17/03

The price is going to be $149 for 1000.
or $298 for 2000
the gallery usually prints out 1000.
I think we should just run 1000 also.
so that's $37.25 each.
Hey Duc,
Kurt here. Matthew and I are going to get together to work on a mailer card for the January New Members show and need to know if you are certain you will be participating so we can put your name on the card, and, frankly, see if you'd be interested in contributing to printing costs, which are 150$ per thousand. It equals about 37.50$ for 250 cards to use as you see fit. If I don't get an email reply I'll try your cell phone this evening.
It was truly a pleasure meeting you. I go downstairs every day and stare at
one of your paintings while drinking my coffee... Your work is gorgeous and
is inspiring to me. Glad your presence is here.

Andria will call you in the near future to discuss how to get your work back
to you. No sales yet, but one person in town has displayed an interest...
Will keep you updated. Regardless, a lot of people have come to have a look,
so you're getting quite a bit of exposure.

Hope you're doing well and please keep in touch.


your new art today

"Matthew and all others...
I beg to use 'Your New art Today' even if it's kind of wonky it avoids the
instant eyes glazing over thing that 'new members show' does to me. If no
one else agrees, and I doubt there will be any time at this point anyway,
that's cool, the card looks stupendous anyway. All three layouts looked
great, so take your pick, i say...


Hi Shaw,

Good to hear from you. I'll be sending you another electronic file of the postcard.
I'll will be exhibiting works of oil on canvas. The work is abstract.
I have been to An Artist Residency in Hungary 2001.
I'll have an exhibition of Photographs in CameraWorks Gallery - Peterson Hall, NW Northrup.


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