Saturday, September 21, 2002

Lexly: but the innocence mission is a deeply religious ban
alexa: what's their religion?
Lexly: from pennsylvania...I met the husband and wife one time after there portland concert...on easter was my religious experience
Lexly: it's weird how her angelic voice carries...then afterwards they were just sitting there having ordinary but
alexa: tchaikovsky..I have a tape of his work....cuz I love his fantasy themes
Lexly: yeah...i like pathique
alexa: is that his also?
Lexly: yes...
Lexly: some very child like
alexa: well. you got
Lexly: that's why you like it
alexa: beethoven's is dramatic, and mozart just soothes you
alexa: yeah...that's why
Lexly: I like beethoven more then mozart
Lexly: tchaikovsky is too popular so is bee and
alexa: yeah...i wanted to but this collection of less popular composers...maybe I still would one of these whom do you fancy? vivaldi?
Lexly: lol...vivaldi is still popular...i am talking about Anton Bruckner...
alexa: lol...don't knowthat one
Lexly: mahler...harder stuff...i don't have the patience any more for it
Lexly: see
Lexly: schubert is good

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