Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I went to see Catherine Opie's Surfers over the weekend. I liked some of the
pictures of the surfers taken very far away, so the surfers look very small
in the vast ocean that blends into the foggy/cloudy sky. I looked at some of
her other photos in a book of her work that was at the gallery and saw that
she did something in the same vein with houses and snow. Pretty cool.

There were some other interesting exhibits that I'll have to tell you more


Diner with Maria Sivak. We talked about art, inspiration and process. During the dinner with Maira: boat journey metaphor suite case as metaphor. She believe an object has the power to contain memory. she found a suite case one day. she was going to give it away to good will but found that she could not. she put it in the closet.
god...why is it so slow to write about this wonderful conversation. i wish that i had record this. i want to buy an mic for my minidisc.
She got me to think more about my project. i casual made origami abstract piece which i kept with me for a long time...then i photographed it one day out of the need to tinker. and now begins an obssession with the object.

I saw this sculpture who made a long boat and then set a carcass of a rib of an animal on it.

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