Friday, July 19, 2002

I keep thinking this is an actural word...I'll have to look it up.
Saw "The Road To Perdition"...What a great movie. I thought Tom Hanks was a bad guy but no...he's not.
The little kid said that he lived an entire life in just that six weeks he was on the road with his father. It's true that one can live one's life experiences compressed into a brief period of time. Then life afterwards seems pale in comparison. The kid had learned so much, life's lessons within that period of time.

Monday, July 15, 2002

Lunch walk to book store, bought 'Motorcycle Diaries'. There was a wall full of targot card but I did not buy it yet.
There is a rack full of Tin Tin books. Great summer reading with a glass of lemonade.

Movie: "Vertical Ray of Sunshine"....this is a beautiful movie filmed in Hanoi!!! by a french film company.
Often I get the urge to come up to a beautiful woman I see and ask them whether or not they are interested in being photographed. Well this morning on the bus. There is such a woman...The guy sitting next to me apparent has notice her beauty as well. She as aloof, wearing a large puffy stereo headphones. Her lips are soft and exquisite. Ones that you can't resist kissing.
The fellow next to me made small talks with her. And mentions that she is beautiful. He was a loud and big guy. We get off at the same time. I walk with her for a bit and say that I would like to photograph her. After some small talk and introduction, I handed her my card with my photo-website and email. We work nearby...I say that I would like to have lunch or coffee with her. Then we depart. We'll see.

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