Saturday, October 01, 2005

hi fi

My Adventures in Hi Fi Fi:
Date: 2005-10-01, 9:07AM PDT

I've got a nice pair of 2 way classic Advent legacy speakers that need a new home. Nothing wrong with them I've just got too many speakers. The cabinets feature a 10" long throw woofer (just re-foamed and good for another 20+ yrs.) and a 1" tweeter and they sound great. All of the drivers work as they should. The cabinets are black vinyl with a solid pecan wood top. There are a few scratches on the sides and the grills have a few small rub holes up against the grill frame but like I said they sound great and are a great value. Call Joe

well I did and ended up with a BeoVox which is currently blaring out Dave Mathews...
Have you ever heard of Clips horn speaker?? I had the opportunity yesterday. It is a piece of furniture. The cross section is a work of cabinetry.
I answer Joe's Craig's list and drove out to the country to see the Advent Legacy. Joe's house is full of speakers and other junk. His wife puts up with it and he makes decent money from his hobby restoring old speakers that he finds at garage sales. Joe knows his product and has a discerning eye and instinct for the valuable rare collector's items. His wife tells me he has netted profits beyond what he pays for. The speakers had fetched a grand on EBay.

His wife desperately wants him to get rid of his junks. Joe is a musician, a drummer to be exact. He has several pairs of drum kits. One set has a very low serial number.
He took me to another room and left me there to peruse over a cabinet while he look for a pair of BeoVox. I accidentally knocked over a cardboard box full of white socks and other dirty laundries.

I should have brought a camera with me. Joe is very convincing and a good sales man. He doesn’t much like his day job and has reduced his hours to tend audiophile business. I wish I was more productive in my hobbies.

I'm really happy to google tool bar with spell checks. I don't have to use word to check the spelling.

Friday, September 30, 2005


September 29, 2005 Thursday
For diner tonight I made spaghetti. Standards have decided to give us a kitchen aid refrigerator because the whirlpool in Satin is out of stock. I’m happy that mom got the big refrigerator and the new stove. I’m begging to think of topics or subject not to write about. I’m editing before writing.
For lunch, I went to Chen’s Open Kitchen and wrote in my journal while I ate beef low mien.
Idea for writing…. write about visiting my father’s grave. It’s been more then ten years since I visited my father’s gram. It’s the first time I visited. There weren’t many fresh flowers. Because the Chinese are afraid of ghosts. The fresh flowers are of the fresh grave. Here I’m trying not to get into too deep or too intimate. My mind is distracted into thinking about repetitive writings. In one way it’s good to revise and rewrite these ideas. Afternoon office birthday party, Autumn suddenly got more information out of me then I had wanted to reveal. She told me her past boyfriend was 38 years old. They have 16 years apart. Her mother was dating and is still dating some one much younger then she. I found out that they got marry because of her. I told autumn the story of how I came to America.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

condo notes

We have been having very bad luck with the refrigerator. Maybe it's because I married someone born on the 13th. My wife thinks so.
The delivery man was late because he for got his tools.
I took a nap while I waited at home for the delivery truck to arrive.
The refrigerator door is damaged so we will have to get another one and wait another day

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