Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Siletz Bay

Siletz Bay during the Spring Break weather.  The sea withdraws its water.  In the afternoon time of 4p.m. we could walk far out to watch a line of sea lions sun bathing across the narrow channel.  The residents on the other side could walk from their house to the sea lions.  But it was not possible to touch them, it was prohibited.  There were signs posted to warn the inhabitants. 
Lincoln City
 Oyster from a store near by our place.  It was hard work prying them open.  Trang broke a tip of the small fruit knife.

Clams from Siletz Bay caught that day.
Map of the place

Jenny and I had a plan to go clam digging since last year but our busy schedules was in the way.  Our shell fish license had expired. So we went to Elanor's to buy new ones.   
Mermaid Elenor

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