Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Online Calendar

I have the envious task of keeping track of my family's happy birthday
and aniversaries. I also try to keep track of my wife's family's Name Days, and all the other special Polish holidays too. I have a large family. There are lots of calendars out there. I've try using google, which is a cool calendar too. I use Google because I get my emails on their most often from family and friends. I'm hoping that the American Greeting can send out special ecards on the days of my friends and family's birthday or aniversaries. It would be cool if it automatically sends a card to the recipient instead of having to send me a reminder. But that's cool too because I then can pick and choose an ecard to send out.

The website has tons of ecards to choose from as well as Birthday printables and inviations. I think it's a good idea and about time that American Greetings up dated their website to include all of these services. It is the "one stop" shop for birthdays. I've used the free American Greetings before on other websites such as Yahoo. It's easy to select an ecard from several categories: Family, Belated, and Over the Hill. The whole process is user friendly. You can customize and print your cards or invitations in several easy steps. The very cool thing about this online free calendar is that it will sit on your desktop to remind you of the important days coming up!!! Hopefully you'll never have to send out a belated birthday again.

happy birthday

online calendar

Thom Browne

Links to Thom's favorite restaurants, and artists.
Thom Browne official website
The fashion video, 'The Septemberist' filmed by Anthony Goicolea, seems like a movie trailer. the narrator / hypnotize sounds familiar. His a chinese voice and script reminds me of the Woody Allen movie 'Alice'. I saw 'Alice' the other day when I couldn't fall asleep. It was on Demand on Comcast cable television.
John Hartig a friend of Thom. They started out in LA buying vintage clothes and altering them as a hobby.
Anthony Goicolea
Anthony filmed the "Septemberist" Video on Thom's website. If Thom was to become an artist, he would be Anthony. Their asthetics match very well.
Radio Interview
Elvis Mitchell has a Radio Interview with Thom for the Radio Show "The Treatment"
Pastis is a restaurant where Thom as his black coffee and white toasts.
Il Cantinori
Another great restaurant

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