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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Unlikely Weapon: Eddie Adams Story

Recently, I watched 'An Unlikely Weapon:  The Eddie Adams Story' on Netfix.  We've all seen the powerful but gruesome image of the execution but I've never stop to research the story behind it or the photographer who took it.  (It has wrongly been credited here.  War photographer is also another great story about James Natchwey which I also watched on Netflix.  They may have pulled it from instantly watch by now.)  There is a story behind that.  In fact, the executioner is now living in the States selling pizza.  Eddie went to visit the joint and still despise him.  Supposely, it was the image that stop the war.  Eddie is such a humble guy that he dismisses such notion.  It haunted him for years, probably until the end.  Dave Navarro has it enlarged and pin to his room.
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