Thursday, March 18, 2004

fashion nostalgia

I used to own a pair of Martinique green pants. when I traveled to Hungary or Poland I bought byblos blue v neck sweater. I have a white soft cottonfield sweater that I like and am wearing it today. I found a bottle of Byblos collonge in a cheap department store, t.j max i think.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Hi Yeah, that was good writing. My writing's going fine. At least I'm making
the effort. Watched In the Mood for Love last night by Wong Kar Wai. It was
beautifully shot. Made me think of smoke--how smoke conjures up certain
moods. So I wrote some stuff about that before I went to sleep, but didn't
write much since it was very late.

> hm....I don't know I'll have to look at it again.
> The skyscraper site is so have this ability to shut off
> layers in AutoCAD and work with layers of information wow never thought you
> could do this with a website so very cool.
> One of the artist thought I am a good writer because of the now and Zen
> letter. don't know if she was joking. But I like what I wrote...hehe.
> How's your writing and what's it like to have snow in NY in March??

> Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 2:50 PM
> To: Duc Ly
> Subject: Re: NYC Timeframe
> What day is that? Maybe I'll try and check it out if I'm around.
>> cool...hey I read flavor pill and they have
>> Catherine Opie's photographic like her work
>> Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 2:32 PM
>> To: Duc Ly; Andy
>> Subject: NYC Timeframe
>> Pretty cool site.

Went to Kells to look around. enormous crowds. A cover band does U2 songs in a large plastic tent.
We walked all over the city. Ended with a small meal and soft guitar/sax jazz at Brassarie Monmarte. He plays a Gibson. We all had sea food Bisque. I had a Pilsner Urqule.

I didn't sleep right away and read.

happy st. paddy's

Oh I'm Hungarian don't you know....hehe
I would make the time to have lunch!!
Too bad you are moving out of Oregon!!
Okay Let me know about it when you come by...I owe you lunch at least. If you are still interest in the Gate painting and can do $600 just for you.
My bro said it snow in NY yesterday.
I'm putting together a show as a curator for the Gresham Art committee. The show is call Now and Zen. Just bussy entering shows. You are such a cool Art Executive Director. What do you plan to do now?? What about Chris??
You must having a great St. Paddy's. It's so sunny here in Portland now.

-hope to see you soon!

I'm so sorry for my delayed response. I was swamped with getting my
replacement trained and then spent some time in New York with my sister.
Just got back last week.

It was great seeing you. How are things in your world of art? I'm thinking
I'll be in Portland within the next few weeks, and it would be nice to have
lunch, if you had the time.

I'm actually considering between Portland and Denver for my June move away
from Roseburg. I love Portland, but family is in Denver... Decisions,

Hey, since you're Irish, are you drinking Guinness and celebrating St.
Patrick's day?

Take care, so great to hear from you.


Tuesday, March 16, 2004

now and zen show update

March 16, 2004 Tuesday

Dear All Participating Artists,

Because of the overwhelming response, I've made an executive decision to limit two works per artist, which reflects the restraint nature of Zen, (and because oddly enough there are two simple words in the title of our show). I thought this would be an interesting criteria, the Now which expresses the immediacy of moment the present and the Zen, an indescribable word which I hope all of our art works will not so much as try to reflect this but just be. I've tried to answer questions about the nature of the show and I find it hard to express this in words. So hopefully being limited to two works which vaguely express the nature ‘Now and Zen’ should suffice. The works that I have chosen did not really require much thought and mainly came by as I thought about these art works that keeps coming back to my mind or through coincidences that I came to discover your works! Strangely this has defined the work that I now want to pursue. Putting together a show of this nature has influenced me greatly.


Monday, March 15, 2004

beware the Ides of March


oregon city parks and recs

I just wanted to let you all know that the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee is recommending that the City Commission approve the Carnegie Center Strategic Plan, with a few minor changes. I have attached a redline copy of the plan that highlights the changes.

The Strategic Plan is on the City Commission agenda for March 17. The meeting begins at 7:00 PM. The Plan is roughly the 4th or 5th item on the agenda. There are a couple of presentations and a public hearing regarding a proposed zone change before it, so it is difficult to know what time it will come up. If you wish to attend the meeting to comment on the Plan or just witness the proceedings, please come by.

Once action has been taken on the Plan we will convene our group again to plan for its implementation. Thanks for all of your help to this point.

call for artist

The City of Gresham art advisory committee hosts its
seventh annual juried art exhibit August 31 through October 7, 2004 at the
Gresham City Hall Visual Arts Gallery. The exhibit is open to all media,
juried by slides only. Artists may submit up to 4 slides of original work.
Work must be current and not previously exhibited at this gallery.

The Juror is Charles Froelick of Froelick Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

No Entry Fee. Slide/entry deadline postmarked by May 21, 2004. First place
cash awards. The commission taken is 20%. For prospectus, contact Bruce
Rowland at 503-668-4630 or Connie Otto at 503-618-2360.

li lanz

Hi there, Testing ! 1 2 3 do me

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