Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wedding Event BookShow

I made a quick rough draft of Event/Wedding images to show to clients who are interested in having a book made of their events. It's a slim volume compare to the Kolo Album that I put together of the images. I think both serve a different purpose. I think that the book would be a great item for corporate events and a Kolo Album would be better for personal events such as an engagement.

Give Me Shelter

I'm trying out Photoshelter. Here's the referral code. What I like so far is the ability to have a blog linked to my photography website. I would also like to sell stock images. I would also like to send my clients a secure password link for them to check out the shoot of the event. This is great and seems to be doing it all for photographers out there. I've made a gallery of images and it allows me to promote it on a blog. Check out my gallery of New Images.
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Riviera Clothing

I like how riviera clothing put together their website which is in form of a book. The clean photographs, bright lights capture California. The font and lay out of both the website and book has a personal feel to it and has a simple concept. I really see it as a hard cover book. I wish that my blurb book could be previewed like this book. I could easily imagined this website virtual book as a real book and would want to received their catalogue.

Take Ivy

A Continuous Lean has a few rare spread of this fashion/photography/documentary book from the past called Take Ivy.

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