Friday, February 16, 2007

Build Traffic

There's a new feature on PPP which allows readers to Review My Post. The new PPP program pays you to build your own blog traffic.
"PayPerPost is pleased to announce its new Review My Post program. The Program pays you every time someone signs up and reviews a post on your blog. It's a great way to earn money while increasing the traffic and interest in your own site. This program is open to all bloggers and is great for bloggers who aren't interested in doing sponsored posts. Bloggers can simply add this badge at the end of their post and easily earn money and build traffic with no additional effort. This program is exploding let's help to grow it even faster! Click "Affiliate Tools" in your blogger interface then, select review my post for details. Let PPP know what you think about this new program that pays you and others to blog about your blog."
Well, I am interested in building traffic to this blog. It's one of my goals. It's a great idea as some bloggers perfer no ads on the page. It gets the community involved and be for active, interactive with their opinions and express how they feel about a certain post or blog. For example, I'm always curious about the post that I put up. Is it relevant? I'm going to test this feature out on my blog.

Tschai Handmade Books for Purchase


I know it takes lots of labor and love to create such a lovely book. I’ve always wanted to make one myself but don’t have the patience or time to do so. Fortunately, there are those skill enough to make and carry on the tradition of book making for us to enjoy.

Tschai makes handmade leather journals; hand-cut and hand-sew them… he have so many supplies right now, that i want to get a lot of journals done for the first quarter of 2007 and sell on the second quarter. He can give bulk prices.

Please contact Tschai :

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Make Money Blogging

Sometimes, the post opportunities really ignite my imagination and memories about travel, food, or goals that I have. Recently, I wrote about Italian Villas, Asian Food websites which offers delicious recipes, and one of my goal is to increase traffic to blogs. I'm learning how to do that slowly through PPP. It's getting increasingly harder to find good post which my meger traffic qualifies. So hurry before it's too late. Get your traffic going and blog with the easy not so demanding PPP. On the other hand if you are a Rockin' blocker then you can really earn American Bucks fast. Oh why has Borat influenced my speech? I wish there was a PPP about Borat and his new DVD out. See I can't help myself, I'm always plugging things that I see or in on everybody's mind. So naturally why not put your mad bloggin' Skillz to work? Your Nogin' will thank you. Your Wallet will thank you. Your bank account will thank you. I got my interest earned income from my saving's account and it was a total of $14 woopin' dollars for the whole entire annual year. You can easily make that kinda do in a week or day. I'm not as prolific as some. I think there are bloggers out there with lots of blogs who have earn well over a thousand, maybe two thousand. I feel that I'm earning a higher interest in the bank every time I blog. If I get rip off at the cleaners for charging me too much and not getting that spot out of my suade jacket, well then I know that I can get him back by blogging for about $30... there I hope to have convinced you. What's more you can go off on the cleaner or someone that makes you made and get money out of blogging about it as long as it fits the requirements of the PPP. See I can release my stress and put myself in the win win situation and feel good that I make an extra dollar for voicing my opinion about a product. Maybe I'll look for a better cleaner business! Maybe I have friends out there with a similar problem. I'm killing two birds with one stone!.

The new segmentation system awards bloggers with high traffic blogs. You could make $1000 for a single sponsored post! Spread the word!! Unforturnately, the traffic to this blog is not much. But I'm trying to get the traffic flowing.

Also...Did you know that PPP only charges a 35% service fee compared to ReviewMe that charges a 100% markup. They are taking half your money for every post! You can get high paying opps more often and put more in your pocket with PPP. PPP makes sense for high traffic and lower traffic bloggers alike.
make money blogging

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I’ve always wanted to buy or create the ultimate journal to keep track of the books that I’m reading. I found this the other day. This system uses the Circa rings which easily allows one to move the pages from one section to the next.

I also checked out from my library Steve Leveen’s book “The little guide to your well read life”.

Hi Eunice,
I have a blog which I write about Circa Levenger Products:
I would like to receive free samples of your Levenger Products to review on my blog. Some of my post have been featured on
I’m really interested in trying out the ‘Bookography’. I would like to test this product out and persuade my readers of it’s virtues.

Update: 2/13/07 no response from Levenger yet.

I’ve decided to use Squidoo as a form of Bookography using the Levenger organizational ideas:

SI Valentine

Back in the days when I was a single man, Valentine day meant many things. Sometimes good and some times bad. But let's not get into that mess.
besides for Valentine's Day, the other big "holiday" on that date is the release of the 43rd annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and all the hype, history and controversy that surround it each year.
Feb. 14 is also the release of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. This year, SI is going high tech and it's about time too. There is an exclusive cell phone wallpapers of SI swimsuit models available at SI Mobile ( In addition to checking out the issue, people can see their favorite SI models at any time by downloading cell phone wallpapers from SI Mobile.

"These images come straight from the photo shoots featured in the magazine, are only $1.99 each and are available for all major wireless carriers. Over 50 supermodels are featured on the site, and bloggers are encouraged to name drop some of the more popular ones in the posts including Victoria's Secret model Heidi Klum,
Marisa Miller, Ana Beatriz Barros, tennis star Maria Sharapova, Molly Sims and 2005 SI cover girl Carolyn Murphy. Classic SI cover girl wallpapers from past years that are also featured on the site include three-time cover girl Elle Macpherson ('87, '88, '94) and Kathy Ireland ('92, '94). SI Mobile users can also download video clips from the photo shoots, "video ringers" (ringtones with video), animated screensavers and more. Bloggers are required to include an image in the post.
NOTE: If you choose to purchase cell phone wallpapers off the site, you will be asked to provide some personal information to ensure delivery. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party.
Bloggers are required to include an image in the post."

Marisa Miller

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine Ecard

Every one is getting flowers at work, well most of the girls are. I sent my wife flowers as well. It was delivered when I drive my wife to work. She was totally surprised.
I wore a cripy white BCBG shirt with a red print tie and an Armani Exchange blue with brown pin stripe suit to work for picture day. It was like first grade all over again :).


Monday, February 12, 2007


If youve ever considered upgrading your home lighting, indoor or outdoor this post is for you. Shoppremier sells a large variey of home lighting fixtures.

I've been eying this light-wall-sconce for a long time now. We have two sconce in the T.V. room. Sometimes, we just don't need that much light while watching t.v. I've taken one light bulb out. Now the living room lighting looks uneven. I wish to install a new light sconce so that it can be on a dimmer switch and I can have a remote control for the light and adjust the level for reading or watching t.v.
The other problem I have is that the lighting in the eating area is in the very high ceiling. When the bulb goes out, I'll have to upgrade it to something practical. Or maybe I can install another wall sconce at the low level next to the dining table.

Frank Buchwald Lamps

Disclosure: This is a pay per post post, it has been sponsure and paid for by shoppremier.


"I had fallen in love with the movie A Room with a View that year, and was especially taken by Julian Sands "declaring the universal Yes" as he ran, ecstatic, through a field of wildflowers. "On the other side of the everlasting 'why'," his character's father had said earlier in the film, "there is a 'yes'. And a 'yes' and a 'yes'!"
-Gayle Grandeis


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