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Pictures that change history
The Atlantic Monthly has an article about magazines cutting back on photojournalist's work.  The article raises issue about the role of photojournalist in the age of social media.
Ron Haviv talks about how he captured the image that started his photojournalism career.

Monday, December 16, 2013

New collages

Made some new ones 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving feast.


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Fall Season

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Triad II
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Triad II

The pdf format of the collage is on   and Glossom.

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Soda Fountain.

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Some good music for the fall season classical mood:!/ducly/broadcast

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chain Bridge

Budapest, Hungary July, 2000
These photographs were made during a month long Artist Residency in Hungary during the summer of 2000. This was before shortly before the 9/11 attack. I traveled with so much gear that I was so very tired of carrying them after the trip. I brought with me a heavy Manfrotto tripod for the medium format camera, Mamiya C330. Although these shots were taken on the fly as I was walking around the city without the tripod.

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Sunset at the deck near pdx airport.

Sunset at the Deck Restaurant.  The Columbia reflects the egg yolk sun.  September 12, 2013
March 2013 view from near by Salty's Resturant
The boat docks near the Deck Restaurant. September 12, 2013
November 18, 2009 a view from The Deck
November 18, 2009 a view from The Deck

The boat docks near the Deck Restaurant for diner and drinks.
Checking with Foursquare, the tip left by several people recommended the shrimp cocktail.  It came in a tall class and at the bottom is cold slaw top brimming full of shrimp, from a can I suspect.  It is served with Ritz cracker.  We didn't mind because the hostess sat us at the edge of the deck next to the sunset.  As the evening sunset it turn a varaity shades of orange, yellows, and red.  I stood up to frame the view on my iphone.  Why am I always without my micro four thirds when such an event, phenomena occurs?    

Sunset at the deck near pdx airport.
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At Margarita-ville.  This is one of the best places to watch the sunset.  The Columbia river to reflect that egg yolk sun. 

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Jazzy Places.

Jazzy Places
I started a list of Jazz songs with place names in the title. I put together a playlist on Grooveshark which will be broadcast whenever I'm on line. Thanks for listening. The playlist link is here. Feel free to make suggestions. I'll adding to the ever growing list. Written with a Lamy Safari fountain pen loaded with Waterman Havana brown color ink. on Staples 'Arc' Circa, Rollabind like notebook.
The Jazzy Place project is like a little story that begins to gather stuff momentum around it. For example. Yesterday, I was listening to The Nightfly by Donald Fagen. The first song on the album is I.G.Y and the second song is 'Green Flower Street'. Then I was listening to something, 'The Wind up Bird chronicles? It mentions Herb Albert's song with the place name but it was a stinker of a song. A walk in the Black Forrest is one of them. These songs don't have to have a real city or place names. For example, It could be "Highway Rider" by Brad Meldau, which is about a place and a journey.
Brad Meldau has an album with place names appropriately called 'Places'. Smooth jazz genera loves place names in there song titles.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Burnt Lake

The track

The track where I jog.  

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Some stereos

Calamity Jane

Near Sandy.  

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Bayon book from my trip to Cambodia.

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Black Berries.

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