Sunday, April 18, 2004

north view

just woke.
What happen was that we had a conversation about artwork. She wanted to take this old suite case to the goodwill store but it had trigger so much memories that she could not part with but not willing to face it head on either. So the suitcase because this marble thing, an art object. To make a story short, I thought about my suitcase too and objects that I held on for a long time. So the photographs for me is a journey back to the memories I had as a kid making origami boats. Recently I've started to be more direct about this and made boat origami for photographs. I thought that your images have feeling of reaching towards the past and to me they are about journeys. There are many levels of interpretation of the marble suitcase, which I think your photographs do too. It is ironic that the suitcase is heavy as stones. It illustrates the cliché of the emotional baggage, which weighs on every one. She thought that it was ironic that my photographs of the paper boat can't really traverse in water. I thought your photographs would add an element of the river into this journey, memory theme. Or how one would wash in the Mythical river of Lethe [?] to forget. We were working in two very different spectrum of material hardness to express the same ideas. Anyhow, I think this is how she decided to select the theme for the show. Plus I like the writing that accompanies the photographs of your River Series. So try to work this in somehow.

April 15, 2004

Hi Duc,

I just wanted to touch base with you about the possibility of a photography
show at PCC. I am interested in exhibiting your work and perhaps the work
of 3 other artists. It would be really cool to include people whose work
somehow uses photography as a way of conjuring up the past in order to
grasp experience. Do you know of anyone whose work you think would fit this
idea? Let me know. The show would be in Fall 2004, probably November to


P.S. Thanks for the dinner meeting; I enjoyed talking with you.

Hi Marie,

So glad to hear from you too. I enjoy the conversation and it really got me thinking. I'm excited and looking forward to the PCC Show. I can think of Stephen Miller. He began photographing the river place where his brother's a very sad but also therapeutic project for him. I'll make some query into this and let you know. I'll contact him about this to see if he's willing to show this work.

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