Friday, June 05, 2009

Dog Mountain

I put some of the images on Fotolia and Redbubble:

May 24, 2009 Sunday around Memorial Day Weekend.

We left the city by 9am and arrived to a full parking lot already on this beautiful Sunday of Memorial Weekend. The trail head , somewhere near the Bridge of the Gods and Char Burger. We anticipate the carpet of yellow flowers around May which by August had died.

It has been four or five years since we last went up to Dog Mountain. I was younger and in maybe better shape. I don't remember the hike being this hard to walk up. Right off the begining, the climb is steep, worse then stairs. There is a series of switch backs. Today, the narrow path is like a highway with dogs, and humans passing opposite and from behind me. I did not stop, I just walk slowly. If I stopped at the beginning, the climb might be hard the rest of the way up. I had to push no at the beginning to set the pace, the tone of the hike. The yellow carpet of flowers would be the pay off. The gorgeous views would be there waiting.

This is a story made in The camera is Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC1. What ever happened to the days of simple camera names like Leica M3, M4 etc. This camera has the Leica lens. There is a bit of troublesome dust spot which needs to be fixed. I did not see this problem until after the trip. I have to remember to be better prepared with equipments. The LC1 is light weigh and has manual switches and buttons to make adjusting the camera easier. It's like the old cameras, I don't have to dig through the manuals to find the functions. It has a 28mm lens for wide open shots of the landscape. Although, I think it does distorts the picture a bit.

This is me at the Summit of Dog Moutain. Tim took this photograph.

I found this man taking a nap at the summit. He's 'Dog tired'.

There are plenty of dog at Dog Moutain. This one seems very regal. Man's best friend is also useful for caring water and other essentials.

Leica M4-2

Leica M4-2, originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

I need a base plate for this monster.

Koi At Japanese Garden

Koi At Japanese Garden, originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

Koi At Japanese Garden
Taken with Panasonic LC1


Charlize theron

Charlize theron, originally uploaded by jens021.

Great Movie

Red leaf Minolta f 1.4

Red leaf Minolta f 1.4, originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.


Taken with the Minolta XD

lens: f1.4

Nikon F4s

Nikon F4s, originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

The Nikon F4s is a professional film camera.
It is designed by automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro.
It has become popular with film shooters because the price is now affordable.

DSCN Maple wings 1170

DSCN Maple wings 1170, originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

One of my favorite shots with the Nikon E990

Seiko Sowa

This bezel has some tooth to it.

Roman Numeral Date

Seiko Sowa, originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

Seiko 6309 is a professional diver's watch.It is designed by Ed Harris wore it on the film 'The Abyss'.Mick Jagger also wore on.

I used the Coolpix 990 for these macro photographs:


Visual Notes

Visual Notes for Architects and Designers

Thursday, June 04, 2009


I took my Leica M4-2 camera to the Coast.

Andy came to visit us.

Lovers lay on the beach protected from the wind.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I was listening to InHouse Music with Jeremy Peterson while playing StarCraft. This show reminds me of the early Kboo days of WDYBK (What does your brother know). The show was DJed by Rebecca, she went on to be come the lead singer of the Spinades. I listened live as the The Love Language play 'Providence'.
It's a great song. there are several other songs which I could watch live and record!

Monday, June 01, 2009

coolpix 990

coolpix 990, originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

Great Camera

Here's the link to some of the photos I took with this camera.

PhotoKina recently announced a slew of amazing new digital cameras, some known as micro 4/3, which is making Digital SLR smaller and smaller and pushing the mega pixel up and up. The good news is that the digital cameras of lower resolutions and slower shutter speed camera are on the used market for a very good price. I purchased this Nikon Coolpix E990 from Goodwill for $30. It take four AA batteries. The compact card and reader costs more. E990 has a magnesium body not plastic. In 2001, Time magazine awarded this model as the product of the year. It was the first 3. mega pixel under $1000. I’m amazed with the macro lens. It’s tricky to get it into macro mode but not impossible. The results are satisfactory. It picks up the fine hair line fiber caught between the nib gap. (I really need to clean this nib! The ink has corroded the once gold ring.) I also used the White Balance to measure the white surface to adjust to the typical white office lights. The camera performs well under low light interiors and had a soft tone without the flash.

I use this camera for macro photography. I don't need to attached anything else to it. The lens that comes with this camera is great for macro. The swivle helps to get the right perspective. Here's a series of the Seiko Sowa taken with the Coolpix 990:

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