Wednesday, July 28, 2004

art thief

The gallery was broken into last night. It doesn't look like anything
was taken - because nobody understands our art.
Altho, all of Aaron's pieces in the backspace are not there. I don't
know if they have been taken down or stolen.
This all reminds me of the time I had a show at WSU while in school.
Before the show was over I sneaked into the gallery with my brother
had to scale a wall and dress in black while drinking beers) and
all my art back. I thought it would get great attention. But nobody
noticed, but I didn't really complain.
I'm a dumb-ass.
I normally would just write this in the book - but, I figure its
"special". Maybe we can spread the word..."Do you hear
Gallery 114 was
broken into last night!"
"Holy fucking shit!"
"That's right, Holy fucking shit"

All the mailboxes were broken into as well. I talked to Tom Walsh
building manager?) and he said that there is a "rash" of
check thieves
blanketing the city. Apparently they steal checks and use the
electronic check numbers to buy stuff on ebay or other internet
money laundering endeavors.

The door will be fixed today.

So, I do believe Paul was sitting yesterday. Paul doesn't have a
computer or email so I will call him to see if he left any checks in
the out going gallery 114 mailbox. Highly unlikely.

Its pretty cool - I can pick up a wireless internet signal on my
down here in the gallery basement. I think its coming from Starbucks.
Actually, I figured out a way to "tap" into Starbuck's
network and "steal" a internet signal for us.
Just one more thing that the Odanrot selflessly and tirelessly
contributes to the community of 114.

In return for my efforts I DEMAND someone bring my a rum and tonic.

with a lime.
maybe you should bring 13 of them.
and a plan ticket to mexico.


Raymond Carver

Aren't those two stories great? Another of my favorites of his is "Fever." It really reminded me of my breakup with my ex-girlfriend, the character of the wife in the story made me think of Emily. It was cathartic for me to read it.
I will loan you my anthology of his next time I see you. I love his characters and what he writes about, plus his style is so cool. He comes from the Hemingway school of writing: Never use three words when one will do. That's why I love Hemingway and Carver, and hate Woolf and Proust.
I tried to do a search on the net for the performance but didn't find much info. It will have been on for quite a while so we should be able to get in. Hopefully it will not be sold out. Maybe we can meet at the theater at about 6:45 and just take our chances. That is what Carver would do, he wouldn't try any of this BS. Of course, he'd also show up drunk....
Anyway let me know if that sounds like a plan.


It was a mind-blowing epic, a literary tour de force! I especially love the part where Carver dressed up as Trojan man and fought Achilles and his gay lover. And I thought he was just a short story writer!
...ha ha, yeah I still think we lived the perfect Raymond Carver story there. I mean, it had it all: dingy downtown Portland theater, turned away at the door, wandering off down the streets after the two lesbians, standing in line listening to the homeless people play the blues, culminating in a dimly lit movie, lots of strangers, and cheap pizza and beer. He would have been proud.

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