Monday, August 14, 2006


I'm getting into a reading mode again. I've picked up Void of Course by Jim Carroll from my bookshelf. A clock work orange:

I've seen the movie and I like it too but...was shocked by the violence and graphic nature of the flick. So far I have not gotten very far in the book. The slang and new language in the book is more then in the movie. What's interesting is that the book comments on the violence of the media, of movies. Kubrick then used this format of cinema to explore the cause and effects. Book is a different medium. It seems to say that movie is more pervasive and also a passive way to digest the violence as the main character Alex is subjected to the war and sexual footages of rape and the Nazi tortures. I would like to read it and find out more about this book. Then I would like to see the film for comparison.

My Ning Book Shelf Allows you to make it as books that you want to read
My Librarything Allows you to change and pick the book cover
My Vox Book Shelf I added Vox by Nicholson Baker.

Lately I’ve been craving the books that have been thrown away. I moved from one place to another and my Mother threw away the majority of my paper back classic collection. I’ve been craving a book by Evan S. Connell call Notes found at the beach on Carmel. I found a website which trades books call Check it out. I might be luck to receive the book.
bookmooch - This is were you can send your old books and request other old books.

Ledding Library - Real World Library

I have signed up for Library thing and also a book shelf on Ning.

Ning's book shelf is simple and it keeps tracks of the books that I want to read.

Librarything frustrates me sometimes. I think I like the Ning book shelf better then Library Thing. The Ning Bookshelf has a feature which allows me to mark the book as a 'Want to read' book

I have not figure out the majority of Ning playground.

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