Friday, February 20, 2009


I called Sears to come out to look at the Fridge. He told me to turn the freezer off and wait for the water line to thaw. This works. Apparently, the water line is close to the door panel. It is sealed in foam. If it was broken, they would have to replace the whole new door. My particular GE model door is not available because the manufacture have stop making it. So, after 15 minutes the water line works! The ice maker he said needed to be replaced too. But I did not get it replace. Last night, I heard the ice dropping into the box. So, it is also making ice! I'm excited.
It costs me $65 to have the repair guy come out.
The repair guy said that GE refrigerator is expensive to repair.
The parts and labor for freezer fix is $355.

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