Wednesday, December 24, 2003

why i am

okay....however...i'm the oldest boy therefore i was picked to leave the country. as the oldest boy, i was spoiled. my family worry about the drafts...that's when they take little boys to make them men in armies...
My father pay our uncle to take us. I quickly learn how cruel he was to my fatther's sister. I quickly learn that the best family you have is your flesh and blood we sit like animals....because there is no room on the small boat for everyone
my sister and i climbed into the cyclo during the hour of after midnight or very early morning....when no one was around.
I still remember the red bag of clothes and my mother sending me off....she told people that we were to visit relatives in the south
we rode off in the dark. our vehicle cover in a dark cloth
we had a day in the south to wait....the boat was getting fuel and provisions for the trips...everyone was if it was a cruise.... it was glamous to be leaving
i don't remember seeing my father telling me goodbye that night
but i do remember seeing him at the tail end of the boat as we drifted off
....the can smell the diesal fuel of the boat
he was handing my sister some dry food and instructing her on the trip
what medicine to take to keep us alive
to keep us asleep because there will be no food for days
not much to have
it was the last time we saw him until four or five years later.
sometimes i dream of him standing at the end of the boat....waving goodbye
we took out first steps on the wooden plank into the boat.
later when i see pictures of Noah's arc...i understand what it feels like to walk into a the hot afternoon of the delta
okay your turn now

E-cards and Web Cards by Jacquie Lawson, animated e-cards, Christmas cards

E-cards and Web Cards by Jacquie Lawson, animated e-cards, Christmas cards
happy holidays

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