Saturday, October 07, 2006

tadao ando

Tadao Ando

Friday, October 06, 2006
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Thursday, October 05, 2006


After watching a dvd movie call "Bliss", my wife and I are interested in Tantric lovemaking. I've found a great website. It's call Tantra.
  • Tantra love making concentrates on the union of the male and female.
  • There arefree content, ebooks, or picture gallery and more.
  • You can find techiques for Tantric massage to please your woman.
  • You can find great books. I know that I was curious about Tantra after 'Bliss' and the first thing I did was to research my library and book store on the internet.
  • Tantra is your best source. They are discret.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Epson Printers for Photography

Epson inkjet printers
I have two epson printers for my at home use. One is at the studio and the other one is at the computer room. I have gotten great results from printing 8 x 11 of a tulip I photograph from the backyard. Mon requested a copy printed out for her. It was very easy to do and I was amazed at the quality. It looks just like a photographic paper!! It's great to print web pages in color when I need to print from my blog. I like the background color of my blog very much. So I prefer to print from the blog. It looks like an old parchment. The letters are crisp.

Monday, October 02, 2006

wowc woot


Do you like drunken noodles?

It’s my favorite right now…I could eat so much of it. Oh there was so much carnage in unreal tournament. Jeff had four or five powerful computers hooked up. Mark brought over is hard drive, monitor and the works. I was on Jeff’s Sony laptop which kicks.

I like mining for crystals and refining the land for resources to build my empire on Star Craft. But watch out for the larva Zergs. Kill or bee killed. We stay until five in the morning.

Ahh that was back in the good old days. I didn't have the opportunity play WarCraft with the guys. I got the WC after the gaming group disbanded. I play it for a while and it's very addictive. Now has an amazing newsletters with tips and tricks. My favorite is that you can have a MySpace layout! Woot! I can get improvements on my game! Pull all nighters playing in the game group.

talking plants


The Rachel Paper Chase Feitish

A few of my favorite journals from a collection. The Aspen Paper Chase

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