Tuesday, July 18, 2006

jet boat

If you want to cool off this summer check out willamettejet and Multnomah Falls. I highly recommend it. We went there for our Aniversary. We saw two eagles resting near their nest. I was surprised because the boat was very loud. Later, I saw an Osprey around the bend of the river. The Captain of the boat was very entertaining. He told us about the flood of 1996. Most of the house boats were destroyed. I remember being in downtown on first and second and the ground floor was flooded. The cranes float over the Meriwether Condo Project being built. Some of the units are appraised at $560,000. It is of course in the flood zone. People have bought most of the units even before it was finished.

The Captain told us about the Weaverly golf club. A pioneer brought apple seeds to start an Apple Orchard. People laughed at him because Oregon had so many trees already. He planted them anyway. Just in time for the Gold Rush. Food was in high demand by the people coming here to look for gold. He sold an apple for a dollar and made a fortune. He had two sons. Both thought that farming was not of very high socail status. When he died the sons cut down the trees to make a polo field. They went bankrupt two years later.

Sunday we went to Mutnomah Falls. It was very crowded. I took them to Multnomah Falls Sunday and it was so packed. I couldn’t find parking at first but then after one circle around the lot we found one

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