Thursday, October 26, 2006

lex's Goals

lex's Goals

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Frank Herbert Biography

testing msn live space

this blog is a test of microsoft's live writer.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Susan Korman Foundation

Amie Street

Here's an inovative path to music on Amie Street.
We've been looking for a new mp3 freee down load site. Edonkey free site has been shut down!

An awesome new music website called Amie Street, where all songs start free and rise in price based on their demand among. Amie Street members sign up with no credit card and immediately begin to listen to and download great independence bands.

Amie Street combines the best elements of social networking, online music retail and discovery engines. It’s the destination for independent artists to promote and sell their music, and where fans can explore, recommend and buy that music. Users sign up for free, and immediately begin to discover, sample, buy and download quality independent music. All songs on Amie Street start free and rise in price the more they are purchased. When a member finds a great new song, she can recommend it to her friends and the community and earn credit for more music downloads as the song rises in price.
wWohoo, I got qa holla back from Elliott!
This is Elliott from Amie Street. Would love to talk to you more about Amie Street. Send me a message if you have any other questions.
Thanks Elliott. I checked out Elliott's music and downloaded one song from him. Plus I found MeganPalmer who does acoustic music. Wonderful site... Rock on!
I am really digging her song 'Everyday'.
Look for me: lexly87 on Amie Street.

Writing Strategies

Here are my strategies for keeping a journal. First write in word and save it in my travel drive. I will dedicate one travel drive to the writing project.

Next if it’s worthy, I’ll post it on because it has the ability to organize post by tags.

I have a Moleskine ruled journal but I only use it if I don’t have a computer near by. I like to use my Sony Vario laptop which has no internet distractions. It is a bare bones word processing typewriter. I have on old edition of Microsoft words. I like to type on the word processor because I find my thought like to jump around and this is the best way for me to edit.

For printing I’ve decided to save everything in the travel drive and then print for the desk top.

One thing about the travel drive, if I need to upgrade to more memory, I hope that if I buy the same brand, I don’t have to install a new driver.

Websites that spurs creative writing:

Luis Urrea and Will Self - fine writer and blogger.

Ramdomaccessmemory. - Writings by random memory

dandelife - Organize your Autobiography in a time line

Crystal Palace

Elegant gifts and collectibles

Christmas time is coming up and we've been looking for unique gifts. In architecture school, I've study the Crystle Palace designed by Paxton.
I'm putting the Eiffle Tower on my wish list. Which is your favorite landmark? These elegant gifts are provocative, at a great price range. This idea would be great for student of architecture. I can admire the Golden Parvillion of Japan, the Taj Mahal. The website is organized into several different typologies and geographic regions. I would like to combine these terms into a geotypologies.

The Crystal Palace miniature landmark souvenir collection has long been the gift of choice for visiting dignitaries and heads of state for years. These miniature landmarks are detailed, nothing else like it.

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