Saturday, September 30, 2006

Our IT Lady uses Snagit

The IT Lady at my work uses Snagit to capture screen shots of her computer when she wants to do a Calyx Points Presentation. Calyx Points is a program that we use in the mortgage business to keep the borrower's files. She does some trainings in Points so Snagit is very handy for her to capture screen shots of Point for Presentations. We can see exactly what she's trying to show is on the projector. She has a laptop for the presentation. I didn't know this until I saw her short cut to "Snag it" on her desktop. Then I did a Google search to find out what it is. I've download it and play around with it.

Snagit 8 Screen Capture Software

I really like the product packaging.

Here's the lovely screen shot.
Of course you can also use Snagit for fun. There are several flickr clubs about screen shots.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

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