Friday, February 09, 2007


I remember watching Dian Lane in 'Under the Tuscan Sun' and thinking I would like to get a villa next to her. Well, now with property in Italy I can dream about it and possibly make it a reality.

In college, I had a chance to go to study abroad in Rome. The University of Oregon offer an architectural program to study for a semester. At the time, I had passport problems. Some students decided to stay and miss graduating in time. They brought back sketch books full of buildings, ideas, and personal discoveries. They wore Italian Leather Jackets.I even enrolled in an Italian Class. The only thing that stuck in my mind now is the words for bicycle, gelato, and ciao. Italian is a beautiful romance language base on Latin. I coveted a few of the old Latin tutorial text from the local library discards.

The Italian weather is great for bicycling or hop around in a Vespa like you see in the movies. Oh talk about great sceneries of Italy in the movies! I could watch 'The Talented Mr. Ripely' again. How about 'Room with a View' or 'Wings of a Dove'? I think I worn out the VHS version.
My favorite parts of the English Patient is when they are in the abandon Villa. The author read books about life of the villa as research.
A holiday to Italy would be fine to see the Pantheon, on my list of wonders of the world.
Italian food is my favorite because I love pasta. I believe that Marco Polo brought noodle from China during his visit and has influence Italian cuisine.

The names of their cities: Tuscany or Sicily or Lake Como is soft and evocative on my tongue.
The actor George Clooney's was so enamoured with Italy that he bought a house.
The real estate market for unique property is there. Keep looking, Keep dreaming.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Hi Lexly,

I am about to launch a new site for design and innovation. The site is and is planned to go live on March 1st.

The problem I have is that for me to launch the site, I need to have something up there.

If you are interested in showcasing your designs and winning prizes (up to $1,000) by doing so, check out the site.

Thanks for your time.

I would love for you to upload some of your images to the site, so you can showcase your talent, and maybe win... i particularly like these ones:


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