Friday, July 07, 2006

Renaissance of internet (Ren of Net)

There's a Renaissance of internet tools to help people organized their experience. Yesterday I tried Flock. In the past few months my discovery of and wordpress has changed the way I'm working with the web. I'm working on a visual chart of how these interfaces relate to each other. It was about a year ago that I got a pro account on flickr. Flickr links to my Sunday Blogspot and Firefox. I have discovered the joys of tags. Tag has proliferated into blogs which has always been a wish list of features I would like for a blog. Tag has invaded the bookmarks of website. The genius of Delicious is that it has taken on organizing people's web browsing with tag and then allows users to share their options and preference with a social group of friends and families and links to other communities. Friendster is very influential in this matter. These tools have humanized the experience of web surfing. It proves that people prefer to interact with each other. We are a social being. We love to communicate. Flock promises to be a social web browser. It’s an exciting times to be blogging. There are so many choices out there and the few have risen to the top. It’s a very democratic playing field where people vote, choices in how they navigate and influence an industry. People can vote for the tops stories in a website call digg. People can subscribe to blogs and other news sites.

Dashes: He is speaking about blog in a meaningful way. Vox is a new way to blog. I'm always in search of a good blog application to use. I like to think of myself as a diarist. I like to be obssessive about journaling and diaries. These are some of the tools that I've found useful in my diary activities. Any Diarist would love to have a nice calendar. My variety is Another popular site for word processing is Writely.

In a related article by

I discover and backpack through Patrick Rhone.

tip of the day

Today's tip is about .txt files

Here's my use of .txt files

9:46 AM 7/10/2006
for my birthday, we went to Iron Horse with Andy. Nina and I had a Pina Cola da. Andy had a Margerita.
11:16 AM 7/14/2006
the guys are working on the fence. tonight we plan to go to multnomah falls.
2:39 PM 7/18/2006
I’m sleepy. For lunch i had Pad Thai Shrimp.
9:30 AM 7/20/2006
plumbing problem victor’s european meat market $60 meat and can jar goods
10:24 AM 7/20/2006
12:02 PM 7/27/2006
4:17 PM 7/27/2006

2:13 PM 8/9/2006
lunch at chen’s open kitchen

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