Tuesday, March 23, 2004


I visited this when it was in construction.


VIENNA, AUSTRIA (1994-2000)

The project establishes a counterpart to the conventional Vienna housing blocks. The closed building block is broken up and rearranged in an open and differentiated building volume. In order to keep the density of the building block the cut out volumes create a rooftop landscape. This creates open spaces, like air pockets in the structure, which provide for common spaces, public and semi-public spaces and private terraces and gardens. The majority of the apartments are maisonettes with a two story living room and a glass facade.

Project Data:
Design: 1994

charels wright

Charles Wright
March 29, 2004
Charles Wright is the author of more than a dozen volumes of poetry. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and the National Book Critic's Circle Award for Black Zodiac (1998) and the National Book Award for Country Music: Selected Early Poems (1983). His poems crystallize the space between memory and imagination. Critic David Penn has said Wright's poems bring "a sense of poem-making that's as exquisite as a blueprint by Taniguchi or a castle made of sand." Wright's poetry, whether drawing from the experiences of his rural Tennessee youth or his years studying Buddhism, steadily works towards transcendence and transformation. Perhaps poet Donald Justice puts it the most succinctly, "A Wright poem is an expedition into the territory of the beautiful."
His books include Buffalo Yoga (2004); A Short History of the Shadow (2002); Negative Blue (2000); Appalachia (1998); The World of the Ten Thousand Things: Poems 1980-1990; Zone Journals (1988); Hard Freight (1973); two volumes of criticism; and an award-winning translation of Eugenio Montale's The Storm and Other Poems (1978). He teaches at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.

masculine art works

> Hey, I'm working on gathering some images...images I'm looking for are
> anything (images/products/brands/art work/words/music/audio, etc.) that
> conveys an industrial sensibility within a high-end context. It's hard to
> describe, exactly, but something that says...
> Rugged and high tech, high-end
> Modern industrial
> Luxury masculine
Something that I've thought of that conveys this is the Hummer (you know,
> the car). It's rugged, tough, yet very luxurious and high-end, high-tech.
> Can you think of any others? I also think Richard Serra's sculpture captures
> this idea as well. Anyway, if you come up with anything, pass it along.
> Thanks.

Andy Goldsworthy - earth works art
> Robert Smithson - large earth works
> Christo - wraps building in plastic
> James Terrell - very large earth works
Ø forgot his name - Lighting rod field in Nevada desert.

Frank Stella's latest works of wall relief sculpture in metal and steel.
Frank Gery Jimmie Hendrix museum in Seattle
Coop Himmel Blau - Viennese Architect.
Atelier Van Lieshout - builds guns...and converts BMW into war machines....Has his own commune...butchers their own meat...very strange group. Makes sinks and counters out of industrial materials.

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