Friday, October 13, 2006


good movie.
I didn't know that the lady who wrote 'To Kill A Mocking Bird' is Nelles Lee Harper. She was a chain smoker in the movie. I had the book by Gerald Clark but never read it. I'm curious about 'In Cold Blood' and Mocking bird.

Last Friday, we saw 'Black Dahlia' I came from the movie confused. Maybe I'll read the book.


I got this book from a Goodwill store during Labor day weekend. I like Bantock's combination of word and pictures. some related links:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

money and art

3 rings to rule them all

Prosaic Three Ring Binder

Levenger's Three Ring Binder

Buxton's Three Ring Binder at Staples - 3 ring binder with linen cover

Straight out of - presentation binders

ossi - Italian soft bound for junior 3 ring binders.

unifiedbinders - French Stiched Leather Binders (adsense)

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

circa rolla

Circa Rolla

iem - August 20, 2006
I have had this type of notebook since freshman college 1985, and had been frustrated with finding it again until about 5 years ago with who was bought out by Carl Products. Rollabind makes these high-end notebooks for Levenger. If you are interested in trying out these notebooks in a less expensive they are now being carried at Target with the poly covers for $9.99 for a letter size AND junior size sold together. Staples also carries a cloth covered version in both sizes, sold separately, $9.99 and $5.99, respectively. Staples does not have these out on display, I just happened to look up at their overstock shelves above the notebooks and saw the rollabinder rings sticking out, so you may have to ask if they have them in stock. They are labeled Rolla Notebooks. They are still online at but have mostly been targeted towards crafters/scrapbookers. If you do end up liking these, the punchers are well worth the price, and they are less expensive online at

I have gone to staples and they now have them out on the shelves near by the Blank and Red notebooks. I asked the people in the store and they are clueless. I got the faux brown leather version of Rolla Notebooks.


I like shopping for ties on internet. I bought one which said it on it’s label “Made expressly for the Society of Colonial Wars”. The tie has a red background with white strip. It looks like a typical club tie. I’ve never really tied a bow tie and have always wanted to try it. I know a collage buddy who will throw out his ties after two or three wears. Women have a thing for dimples, both on men and on the knots of ties. I don’t have a dimple on my face but I can wear a dimple on my ties. My brother-in-law likes the skinny version. Sort of like the early eighties worn by Rick O’ Casek of the Cars.

ric o casek

I remember the springy pastel plaid ties popular during high school and the reign of ‘Miami Vice‘ of Don Johnson ties.

Monday, October 09, 2006

October is breast cancer awareness month

October starts off with the Breat Cancer Awareness Month.

  • I never thought some one I know would get breast cancer. But my sister was struck with this illness. She's fighting it and doing fine. Thank God. I pray for her and one of the thing I'm greatful for is that she is doing fine.My other sister is walking in Susan Korman Foundation Charity. Check out the link
  • The Cable television Channel 69 Life Time is showing a movie 'Why I Wear My Lipstick to My Mastectomy'. It's about a woman's journey into BreastCancer treatment.
  • My neighborhood Safeway is taking donations of a $1 for three cookies. Chocolate Chips.
  • 'Intimations of Morality' by Violet Weingarten is a excellent book
  • 'The Road Back To Health' by Neil A. Fiore

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Inventionland Video uTube

Inventionland Video - Very cool video of someone drawing. I like uTube. It sounds very similar to one of my favorite bands U2. uTube is a great place to find videos, I spent a few hours perusing Rush videos.

Google Video Sharing - Google is taking over the world! This site allows bloggers to embed videos into their website.

What's in your Fridge? Pocket Sandwich?

I remember listening to a radio show on NPR “Splended Table”. Hm you might wonder why I was listening to such a show, well I was fascinated with MFK Fisher’s writing only through other author’s mentionings such as Raymond Carver. Anyway that’s beside the point. The show has a segment where the caller calls in to challange the host with a problem. The caller looks into his/her fridge and reports what’s in there…usually not much…mustard, old left over hot dogs for example. Well then the host would have to suggest a recipes for the ingredients. RecipeMatcher is a similar idea. You tell it what you have to cook with and it comes up with a wonderful and tasty recipes. Hm…I wonder if the creator of RecipeMatcher was inspired by the “Splended table” allows its members to find recipes based on what they have at home. Searches return with recipes ranked by the percentage of ingredients you already have.

So you don’t have to go to the grocery stores which is one of the lesser joys of cooking. The other cool thing about the site is that it’s a Web 2.0 application.

Links: RecipeMatcher


Tropical Vacations allows people to talk about their experiences of cruising to the Carribean islands. This is a cool site for the forum it has. People get together on-line to discuss their misquito bites, the favorite dive sites. I still remember fondly my trip to St. Lucia. I met a couple from Stoney Brook and another awesome couple from Santa Barbara. A family was sailing to another island.

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