Saturday, October 11, 2003

gini chin

October 11, 2003 Saturday
We met at Fong Chong for Dim Sum. She had warmed me that she is not Chinese. Her ex-husband is Chinese. She has streaked blonde hair. I got there early because I thought we were suppose to meet at eleven. I bought a small roasted duck. The man behind the counter chops the duck for me. I brought it back to the table and ate a few pieces because I was so hungry I couldn’t wait. The tea is really good and hot. She came at eleven forty five. Lunch with Gini Chin and David of
I mention about Dan Burns when she asked me who else was showing. It turns out the she’s originally from Lancaster. I wanted to photograph the tiny bones in her studio. But maybe next time. She showed me the skull of a dog with hairs still attached. The tray of white bones is neatly arranged. A skull of bat, cat, and dogs. It reminds me of the small kiosk of the watch repairs. Working with gears soaked in cleaning liquid petri dishes. I asked for two objects to photogram.
I asked for Lam’s object too. The object will become a portrait of the artist in form of a photogram. It is a collaborative process. It is my portrait of the artist.
I lived near a sign painter. He painted on metal. The signs are large. He also does portraits for ancestor worship.
I didn’t know the language, so I made these drawings and show it to the welder. They were making a gate for a property near by our studio. The piece is about collaboration between the welders and me. I bought him a bottle of wine to thank him afterwards. The piece is about the communications between two cultures and the bridge of the universal language of drawings, instructional drawings that borders on the technical.
I think I can place some of the Gini chin pieces on pedestals as sculptures.
Gini said that gallery 114 might contact me to have me bring in the work and to talk with me.
We talked about residences. She worried that if the artists are in an unfamiliar environment, how will she work? It forces you to make some thing else.
We talked about Joseph Biels’ work. Gini said that it disturbed her that she found it humorist.
The Atlantic | Apr 2001 | The Organization Kid | Brooks - Page Two

I had dim sum with Gini Chin and her friend. Later, I follow her to her studio. I got to see some of the work that I will be hanging at the 'Now and Zen' show.

I read this artical severl month ago and my brother emailed it to me. I didn't finish it thought.

a night of starcraft which lasted until 3am. whe had three laptops hooked up with one desk top.

I signed up for Blogger with voice journal.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

hehehe...some people don't know what i'm talking about. So you past my thai food quiz. I give you a golden pair of chopstick. Where do you eat these extravagant lunches...and can i join you the next time you go?? :) I'm going for dim sum at fong chong this sat 11:00. I'm meeting an artist for the first time and her boyfriend. Oh yeah I also invited myself to that lunch too. I wanted to check out her studio. I have no shame...
My dear Sweet Olga,

Privet Olga,

Thank you for you sweet email. I'm enchanted by your words as well as your picture. I'm glad you write the date for the last picture. As you look so different for one picture to the next. Althought they are all very nice.

Well, I just got home from work around 6pm. We work the same hours. After diner, I cut some dead flowers from the garden. The fall leaves are gathering.

You are very fortunate to find such a loving lady to take care of you and you repaid her with a warm heart and caring company I think. Your letters always move me to write. Please write more. I have a few friends from Poland and one from Hungary. I write to them and chatt on the computer often. But I like your letters equally. I am trying to learn French from a friend in France. I hope to learn some Russian from you too my dear. I'll write more as I come to think of more to write.

Bon jour Emilie,

Merci Boucou for your lovely email...tres enchantee. Well I just got home and cut some dead flowers from the garden. And the fall leaves are gathering. What sport did you do? I go jogging sometimes at the track. I do Yoga on Sundays. For diner, I had Zuchini, Cucumber, and Clear Noodles. You know that boy is very lucky to have you as his teacher. As I want to learn French from you.

Bisou a Plus +


Tuesday, October 07, 2003

U.S. News: Urban tribes: Are the 30s the new 20s?(10/13/03)

30 power

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