Friday, January 12, 2007

DVD Ripper News is the only site which tells you when a DVDRip will be released to the internet is the only site in the whole of internet which lets you know the release date of the DVDRip of a movie (not DVD). Besides that, it will inform you what the size of the DVDRip will be (1CD or 2CD) and also the file format (XviD/AC3/MP3). The site is perfectly legal as it just gives the dates and file format info.

It is the one and only site of it's kind. The site provides an accurate way in which the site reveals even the file size and format details in advance.

Right now there is also a commenting contest which lets visitors win a free backlink to their sites

DVDRips are distributed through the P2P networks, there are file sharing, movie sharing via bittorrent, movie sharing over the internet in general, movie downloading etc...

DVDRip News

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I came across this site through flickr, particularly Hardley Sutton's account.
"Hard" as people call him has a picture of Daniel Day Lewis in the movies "Room w/ a View". His Cuties Curios blog is amusing.

November of 2006, I saw The Sartorialist's photo in a GQ magazine while waiting for my wife to get her hair color. It was the article with Will Ferrell on the cover of 2006. A few pages later, I read an article on Thom Browne. Back at the keyboard, I decided that I would google Thom and found enough to create a Squidoo lens about Thom. Of course The Sartorialist had blog about Thom!

The Satorialist’s gear:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gallery Leather

The Gallery Leather company has good products. I've bought their Photo Albums before from B&Noble stores. I found a good mini three ring binder, Desk Planner for 2007 at T.J. Max. The standard mini three ring paper fits easyly into the three ring binder, which is the same size as the Original of the Franklin Covey binders. The thing I don't like about FCovey is that it's too thick for my use. When the year is over, I end up with an big stack which I have to buy another special binder made of paper to keep the whole year together. Also FC binder rings are (proprietary) too many which requires a special puncher to make new papers fit into the binder.
They have a new website coming up galleryleather.
I enter to win the recipes organizer.

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