Friday, October 20, 2006


Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

d o c t o r f o x g l o v e

d o c t o r f o x g l o v e

LifeKnot - why not?

  • Find Your Perfect Activity Partner
    lifeknot members create activity profiles listing any of over 1,100 member-suggested activities: hiking, skinny dipping, skiing, buddhism, beekeeping...
  • lifeknot lists over 1,100 member-suggested activities across 45 categories.
  • Many activities you won't find anywhere else. Many listed on this PDF.
  • lifeknot helps people find others that share their interests and passions in any activity imaginable.
  • Lifeknot will compare your Activity Profile against those of other members to show you the people with whom you share the most in common.
  • lifeknot is a FREE.
I like their infinity like logo.
I wonder what mountain that is?

my blogger blog as a graph GRAPH

Layout HQ

I have a mySpace but the layout is really boring. I'm looking to spice things up a bit. I like free stuff. There are a rash of new layout applications out there. Here's one that I really like. It's call - Myspace Layouts.
The site has 100% custom myspace layouts created by a part-time graphics artists Jason Sanzone, Todd Dickerson and Ashley Allen. They add 20+ layouts week and will take requests on the site for custom layouts. There are several that I like particularly is the Lambourghini. There's even a Christian Theme layout. These artists are having fun and they got some $k111s (skills-for those of you who are not hip to the leed speek.) I want to find a theme of leed speek. /\/\4d $k111$! Boy isn't that annoying? I hope myspace will be more groovy now!
My favorite right now is the Halloween Jack-o-Lantern. You can change it everyweek to keep things fresh. It's all about customizing. That's your brand, your look and feel of the mySpace. I wish to know more about creating layouts but I can ask these artists to custom design me one. I think that I would want a painting that I did as a custom layout! - Myspace Layouts

qotd-Can't get you out of my head

what song is stuck in your head?

yes it's tracy chapman and it's from her debut album 'tracy chapman' album cover by matt mahurin one of my fave photographer and also album. i've been trying to learn that fast song car for ages now but not that good yet.

I third the Modest Mouse
and second on beck - like sea change a ton.

Oh Hallow Ground is a scary good album!!

Long december

fables of reconstruction


Ten Authors

If you are bored, take this list, remove the authors whom you have not read, and replace them with authors that you have read to make ten authors.

Vladimir Nabokov
Henry Miller
Virginia Woolf
Mervyn Peake
Evelyn Waugh
Marcel Proust
Dorothy Parker
Jane Austen
Anais Nin

wow this ad sense from google is spooky. I took this list from a blogger at SCAD and there it is the ad appears!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Set your DVR

most of the CSI spin offs because we are hooked on it!!

Here's what I'll be watching with the wife:

Mon: 10pm CSI Miami CBS

Tue: 8pm House FOX (DVR 8pm NCIS CBS)
8pm Standoff FOX- excellent show
Wed: 8pm Bones FOX

Thu: 9pm CSI CBS

Fri: 8pm Ghostwhper CBS
Sun: 9pm Cold Case CBS
10pm w/o A Trace CBS

Update: Shark is a new favorite! The blonde actress is hot and smart!

My DVR is set to record Medium on Lifetime because it's too late on Sunday to watch it.

for a full list of tv:

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