Wednesday, November 01, 2006



Newgie is a news website that ranks stories based on the interest that other users have shown.

is a newbie. It's still in it's infancy. The potential for this news site is yet untapped. Of course there is Diggs. Some one has to give Diggs a competition. when there's competition, applications tend to improve. So it's good for all of us.
I gravitated to an article right away after I signed up. It was a USA Today column about Mortgage. It was very easy to save it as my favorite so that I can read it later on. I like this feature alot!

My blog post will include:
1 A brief description of the site and what it does.
2 My opinion about the concept of ranking articles based on user activity
3 My comments about the general look and feel and usability of the site. All Constructive comments are welcome, whether I find something that you like about the site, or SPECIFIC ways that the site can be improved.
I welcome all of your comments.

To answer #2, I like the concept of ranking articles. It allows me to vote for my favorites. It's democratic in a way. However, the people who are better at navigating the internet can influence the readership of an article. A certain population can control the news feed. It's like the bloggers who has a better handle on RSS feeds can get more readership. People are lazy, we tend not to search too deep for quality news or writings. A good book gets more readers only after it's been made into a movie.

To answer #1, I like the categories, and communities feature. After skimming through the article about mortgage, I join the community call 'The Housing Bubble'. The community have saved up numerous articles pertinent to the subject. The site also has a front page which allows me to save the news feeds from major news source. It's very similar to the Homepage, or PageFlakes.

There are now different choice for people to look at news and get information. The more they can control their media the better I belive. The more influence and voting choice we have regarding our news the more interest we will take in the subjects and explore other opinions on the same topic.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Deals Plus

" is an online social shopping community driven by its users and community. It offers a distinctive place where user can share great bargains gathered from throughout the internet. was founded on the principles of Web 2.0 design philosphy"

well sooner or later some one will come up with this website. It has a similar concept to Digg. Digg is where the people vote on the best stories. Here, Deal Plus, the people vote on the best deals! What a great idea! I wish that I had thought of this. I'll join to check it out. I even like the clever name. This names reminds me of because it uses the spelling and combines the .us for the address.

Monday, October 30, 2006



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