Friday, November 16, 2007


Free blogger cards allows me to promote my blogs in real world!

I've been waiting for this opportunities for a very long time now. I'm glad some one has thought of this idea. The folks at ooprint went even further to provide customized tag clouds to focus on individual blogs. Here's the link to the freecards. Ooprint also has a group on Facebook!


is up and running again after they made improvements to it. You can vote for people like me to win the design contest or you can also sign up and submit your own design and let other people vote for it.
I like the site a lot and will use it for my architectural projects.

The Mist

The Mist by Stephen King come to theater just in time. November is a notorious month for fog in Oregon. This makes for a perfect get away from the real fog and be envelope in theater Mist. We've been watching the trailer on television and can't get enough of it. I want more! So here's the trailer on the computer:
A classic Stephen King novel 'The Shining' is so scary. I have the book and plan to read it. The 'RedRum' scene is so well filmed. The odd juxtaposition of camera angle puts things off kilter. It was filmed in a famous Oregon landmark call the Timberline Lodge. It's a very scary old building which still exist to this day. I have just recently watched 'Room 1403' with an equally clever device for story telling. King has a knack for this. He puts a character in a situation and we see what can happen. That is the basis for a novel. He has lots of imaginations. I also saw 'Sleepwalker'. I really think Alice Krieger, the actress who plays the mother to a teenage boy is very expressive in her role. It's about a supernatural un-dead who sucks and feeds on human breath for food. The new thriller from King is 'The Mist'. Check out the trailer. We will be going to this movie for sure.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

15 nanowrimo excerpt

The crickets are loud. I hide the box next to my head in bed. I bring with me a flash light and sneak a peak into the paper hotel. I carefully open the lid and watch them move. The lid is full of holes and I shine the light as though I’m the stars. I imagine myself inside that box looking out into the starry sky. The creator has trapped us on earth like this box of cricket and has shined a light upon us...only we see a starry sky.
I’m terrified that the cricket will have escaped and crawl up the legs of my pants.
We are trapped like that cricket in cages being transported from one city to the next. And if we are lucky, some one will adopt us just like some kid will buy a cricket from the large cage from the man and then put him into a match box. We go from home to home, suburb to suburb, city to city, country to country.
I saw myself in the crickets. Bad karma has caught up with me. My necks will be broken and mounted on a stick by pirates of the seas.

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