Wednesday, January 12, 2005

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lexly87's Xanga Site

January 4, 2005 Tuesday
I went to see Doctor Walter Buhl about my cough. I told him I went to Poland to see my girlfriend. He said he’s staff Emily married a polish man. Later on Emily Gaige gave me her phone number and asked that I call if I have any questions. She filed for her husband when the fee was only $100. They raised the fee every four months she said.
Mrs Gaige studied at a university in Poland. She is helping an Iranian man who is an U.S. citizen to sponsor his fiancé from Tehran.

January 6, 2005 Thursday
Today Nebraska servicing center email to me a Notice Of Action number two approvals. I was and am still delighted. I wrote in Visa journal to let my friends who are also waiting know. Our approval for the fiancé visa was January 6, 2005 Thursday. Two other polish girls got approved: Monika and Aga. It has been 92 days since our petition was received. Monika met her boyfriend when he was tutoring her in English. Aga’s boyfriend visited her during Christmas break. They got their notice when he was with her. I was trying to do this when I was visiting Nina.
The postman came by to say that he had a package for Nina. She didn’t know what it was. Maybe it was paperwork from Nebraska? Then again she had order some doggie treats for Diana. It turned out to be Doggie treats and we open it then went out side to play with her dog Diana.
I called Nina soon after I checked with the good new. It has been ninety two days since the Nebraska Servicing Center received our petition on October 4, 2004. We are fortunate. I made an album of our Christmas memories on Ofoto website and had it deliver fedex to Nina’s home.

January 8, 2005 Saturday
I’m at the gallery sitting. I was looking for bed. I found an old cribbage board but it was too expensive $36 to buy. I wanted to buy it for Andy and me to play. I bought a wooden one from Fred Meyers for ten dollars. The old board our first lost its pegs. Before I left for Poland, we bought a cheap board made of plastic in a drug store when we picked up prescriptions for Andy and condoms for Nina and me. Andy was excited to find bee playing cards. That’s when he told me Ramone, him and Dan, his friend, flew to Vegas a week before he came home for Christmas. He didn’t mention any winnings so I assume that he lost some money. He had won nine hundred dollars in a casino while he was on a business trip.
I had a nice long conversation with Nina. Our approval for the fiancé visa was January 6, 2005 Thursday. Two other polish girls got approved. Monika and Aga. It has been 92 days since our petition was received.
For Christmas, we had the same idea to buy engraved jewelry gifts for each other. I choose the heart tag bracelet with roman initials ND. Nina gave me an eighteen-karat gold pendant necklace with the engraved DL/ND. Wednesday December 15, is Nina’s Name Day? I had the idea of getting her a bracelet with her initial engraved upon a silver heart. I order the bracelet from a website that sells jeweler call Blue Niles. It is the first time that I gave a bracelet to a woman. On Nina’s name day, her friend Marta gave birth to a baby big girl Natalie. She was born after much intense labor. Nina told me about this laying on her bed. They had to force Natalie’s head down the cannel. It was too late to do a caesarian section. Nina drove Marta to the hospital. They often give enemas to the mother to clean out hers system and also just incase during the delivery she may defecate and infect the child.
Mama Dabrowska went to get some medicine for Bacia today. She spoke with the doctor and he asked about my health. He asks who I was in relation to her and her family. Apparently Tata Leszek told him that I was his son. I wanted to say to him in Polish ‘nie gowno…nie chce lewatywa’ which means no shit…I don’t want an enema. But I lost my nerves. He shoves a tongue depressor and told me to say ‘Ah’. This is very comical from Waldek and Tata Leszek. They later told Nina. Nina said that she wish she could see this all. Waldek had tutored his daughter. The doctor gave Waldek a pen in return for his good service. I saw him use a green Waterman fountain pen with a yacht inspired shape cap. He had the most handsome handwritings. He also kept on his desk a crystal bottle of black ink with two steps down to receive the barrel of a pen.
Mama Dabrowska made the traditional Makoviates. This is a poppy seed cake of dark and moist cake. It is surrounded with coconut flakes. Every house I went to had this special cake. The history behind this and the symbolism of poppy is significant. After a bloody battle the blood soaked ground blooms the red color variety of Poppy flowers. At Mount Montecassino, the Polish soldiers defended the Italian countryside on this small mountain against the German invasions. The soldiers used the dead bodies of his friends as shields to defend and march forth against the enemies. Mirek, Nina’s brother tries to explain this to me after many shoots of Vodka in broken English. Be we understood each other as Vodka connects many cultures and people. As Mirek said, “…connecting people…”

I’m reading Delilo’s ‘The Body Artist’. I picked up this book when I was shopping with Andy at the Woodburn outlet store. He had read this book and recommends it highly to me. I like the book very much. It’s different from Delilo’s book because it is so thin, anemic. Andy brought back the book by Nick Hornby, which is about his reading experience for the month. He lists the books he bought and the books that he is reading at the moment. He mention reading Dickens’s ‘David Cooperfeild’. I brought with me Dickens’s ‘Picture from Italy’ because of Hornby’s recommendation that Dickens is his favorite author. When I was at Shirley’s house I saw ‘David Cooperfield’ but never even open the book. What a pity. ‘Picture from Italy’ is very different from ‘Great Expectations’. The book is normal writing almost modern compare to Dickens’s novel. It is rich with description. My favorite so far is his description of Venice.

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