Thursday, May 06, 2004

moss - NEW

moss - NEW

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

luxly photography

Hi Andy,
I just started to read Paul auster's oracle night...they had it on te shelf at the local library.
reminds me a little of 'Moon Palace' because of first person narrator. Seem good so far but am annoyed with the long foot notes

Duc Ly


Hey Duc,
I am hoping to get the guitar today. Saturday I went to my old teacher "The Bridal Shop Guy", ha ha, he has a classical guitar shop in there now too. I played 2 guitars I really liked, they are handmade by Michael J. Danielson, a guitarmaker in Richland, WA. One was spruce for 700 bucks and the other cedar for 1500. He said he'd throw in a free hardshell case too. The 1500 dollar one is maybe a hair better sounding than the 700 dollar one, but if it is still available tonight I am going to get the 700 dollar one. I can't justify paying twice the price for maybe 5 percent difference. And at another store they said spruce gets better with age while cedar stays about the same, so it could even out.
I also went to The Guitar Center in Clackamas and played some used 1,500 dollar guitars. Pretty sweet but not any better. I played one for 4 grand too and it didn't sound hardly any better than the others. I checked out Pioneer Music co. yesterday downtown and they had some cool ones but nothing that great.
So I'm going back to that weird bridal shop in Miwaukie today and hopefully will get the 700 dollar one. I'll let you know if I do.
Yeah dude, we will have to jam! Maybe the weekend after this? I am going home for Mother's Day weekend. That CD sounds great, I would love to borrow it from you sometime. I love the sound of Di meola's playing. I was going to take my sister to see Dan Balmer last night but she was too tired.


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