Thursday, September 06, 2007

Interim post


If you have a Blog accepted into the Marketplace, you must comply with the following Posting Requirements:

  1. Frequency of Posts. You may post a maximum of two (2) PayPerPost Marketplace Opportunity-related posts per blog in any given day. Sponsored posts may not appear consecutively on your Blog. Each Sponsored post must be separated by at least one non-sponsored, original content, post. 'Sponsored' posts apply to both PayPerPost Direct and Marketplace Opportunities, as well as other sponsored posts from competitive services.
  2. Interim Posts. Your last non Opportunity-related post must have been within the 7 days immediately preceding your Opportunity-related post. After any break in blog activity of 7+ days, interim posts, that is, posts between Opportunity-related posts, submitted on the same day as your paid Opportunity-related posts will not count towards this requirement.

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